Wednesday Update 

Note: I did some of the graphics earlier. Earle is now a hurricane effecting Belize.  With no tropical storms threatening us here in Cabo it seems silly to update daily. The NHC will issue updates in less than two hours but if all goes according to plan I’ll be sleeping so here it goes … ya’ll should have the NHC bookmarked by now. 😊 if I’m awake I’ll update with more current graphics otherwise I’ll see you in the morning. When is the last time Belize got hit with a hurricane? 

Starting with the areas of low pressure first and then the ever so inaccurate 10-Day 😃

Hmmmmm …. Ivette isn’t an issue. 

Earle, however … is. Not to us here is Los Cabos. At least not today but he may effect that low pressure area.  Or not. Graphics are wrong. Earle is a cat 1 with max sustained winds of 75mph 

I’m just going to include the link to the NHC for Earle siting technical difficulties on my iPad.

Here is a partial: 

Graphics are wrong. Earle is a cat 1 effecting Belize as I type. 

It’s really hard to concentrate when I’ve got the “kids” here watching some movie on th surround sound. Things will be more clear mañana. When it’s quiet.  😊


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