Why locals freak about rain … 

I’ve often used the analogy about the three little pigs. One has made his home out of straw, the other sticks, and of course there was the house made of bricks. In Cabo, homes are made of whatever is available … most of bricks with rebar and filled with concrete. We can handle most winds. 

But rain? Awe man! Not our friend. Most common complaints are that no matter how you’ve built your home, or business, there is a really strong chance it will leak. If not the roof, then under the doors and/or through the windows. So while you may be enjoying yourself at a waterhole because you’d rather be in Cabo and get rained out, we will probably be busy mopping.

Also, the streets get all messed up and since the water runs downhill, many areas flood. This means schools get cancelled, buses run late or can’t get you to and from work … and many of these wonderful people it effects, are trying to get to work to accommodate you. We are, a tourist town. 

Also, it almost never rains here. So of course, we get excited. We need rain. Not all at once though 😳

So it’s kind of hard not to notice all of the posts on the internet about next weeks rain. Truth is, the forecast changes every couple of hours. The heart of the storm could hit us directly, go up the Sea of Cortez, or head West. Until it happens, we really just don’t know anything more than to expect rain. Probably a lot of rain. We really won’t know until it happens. 

The whole purpose of this blog, has always been to help people to understand what forecasts actually mean. I’m not into fear mongering or having a lot of post likes etc. because there is no popularity contest here. 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Well that and computer models. 

The National Hurricane Center has not issued a forecast track, possible wind speeds or possible rain. They are only urging us to pay attention. Other weather sites, at predicting rain levels but with all of the micro-climates … accuracy varies. 



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