Calm Before the Storm. Forecast Changing Rapidly 

We’ve got lightning. With the amount of rain now forecast, I’ve snuck in a small bat signal. 

Live Cabo Radio’s weather station is showing zero mph wind. It’s not even 6 am as I wait for coffee wishing I could sleep a little more and it’s already 83.8f with 66% humidity. 

Last night we saw reports that Javier would in fact become a hurricane – a cat 1 before reaching the Baja peninsula then it wouldn’t be …. heavy rains, light rains, heavy rains. It’s like yo-yo’ing to #doom-on, #doom-off, no, wait, #doom-on again! Well, doom in the case of a storm is personal to each persons unique circumstances. An inch of rain can be a nightmare to one family while 6 inches won’t bother another. 

Schools. Totally cancelled. That effects the kids and the working parents even if nothing happens, the fact is, we ARE under hurricane watch or warning, depending on the exact spot you are in Los Cabos. A hurricane watch, means you needs to start getting ready to face what may be the inevitable. A warning means rush to completion! So, make haste people. Gas up your cars, secure all that stuff outside or better yet bring it in, while you are out last minute food water and wine shopping pick up a few new mops because you will need them if you get any leakage. I have to work and won’t be drinking wine during the storm but I’m out. I know some will feel my pain but it’s not a great loss 😃 I’ve got cucumber, lemon, mint infused water. 

I am ready. My business has leaks but we can handle it. My home … still under repair from Odile. I do have hurricane glass (yay bestest husband ever and a great investment/home improvement) but since Odile we keep finding new things to fix so I am feeling unsettled. 

How about you? Have you prepared yet? It’s only been hurricane season since May 15th. #JustSaying Always be prepared for anything.

So check your local listings as well as the National Hurricane Center.

I often feel like a broken record but it’s because there are new followers coming in on a regular basis, thank you ❤️ 

To reiterate why I wouldn’t commit to what I thought this storm would become or what it would might produce is because I do not have a degree. I’m just me. A red headed weather nerd. 🤓 

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