Tropical Storm Javier Dinner Time Update 

Since it’s not a hurricane I am not using the bat signal. At this moment (6:30-ish Cabo time) our weather station is reporting 9mph winds with gusts of 15mph, 87 degrees with 62% humidity. It’s a bit cloudy but we haven’t seen any rain in downtown Cabo San Lucas. 

When under tropical storm watches and in our case, a warning, the National Hurricane Center issues advisories more frequently.  Click on this link to get the most current info. I’ll post a few more but I do not know if they will automatically update or not in which case, use the first link 😊 
This, “should” be the link to see the forecast track, which shows that anywhere inside the solid white area the center of Javier might end up in the next few days. This will change a little or a lot, hence the warning. 

Now is the time to clean up debris around your home if you haven’t already, bring in those tomato plants, gas up you vehicles, go over your check list of what you need to do and purchase to deal with a tropical storm. Me? I don’t like to drive in the rain so I’ve got food for a few days plus, I have to work so having meals on hand or sandwich stuff makes life easier when working long hours. Ladies, don’t bother with your hair. Between the wind and the humidity even without the rain it’s just a waste of product. 

This link, should be more detailed info for public advisories 

I know … the rain part sounds pretty bad. I personally have never seen 12 inches of rain. wunderground seems to have changed its forecast from several inches Monday night and Tuesday morning to just an inch or two. This also, could change for better or worse. 

San Jose, will have a different forecast. Well, usually …

I don’t have a preferred site, but I know many like the graphics for,22.883,-109.900,6 long term forecasts ignore. Trust on this. It’s the short term that is more reliable. I have seen Javier’s path change three times today. So take any forcast from any site with a grain of salt. 

If you are a tourist, expect the port to close for any and all water activities and a strong probability of Medano Beach bars and restaurants to close as the waves get bigger. At the time I am writing this (not necessarily the time I hit the post button) we are expecting swells up to 3 meters sometime Momday/Tuesday-ish. That is nearly 10 feet. 

I will not hazard a guess on what to expect from Javier. I presume a little wind and a little rain. I expect downtown to flood a little when the heaviest rain falls. Depending on how bad, it can get a little raging rapid like for a bit … kind of surprised no one rents kayaks (joke, not a business idea).  So let’s just refer to the pro’s 😊 

As you can see, Javier’s possible has shifted a bit to the west.

Current guestamates for tomorrow’s weather 

Current crystal ball reading for Tuesday

Well … it’s dinner time. Javier at this moment doesn’t look nearly as scary as people were predicting which is why I always wait for official forecasts before I babble. It doesn’t matter what I think. 😊 Besides, it’s the weather. It could change in 5 minutes 😃

Check in with all later ~ Jenn 

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