Invest 97e … Rain or No Rain. That is the Question. 

I’ll get to an update on this system later … so far nothing to write home about. 11:46am day after posting this blog 🙂

Yep. Another one but let’s not get all excited. At least not yet. Besides, if you are a local you are already prepared for the season, right? At this point it mostly just looks like rain but as always we’ll keep an eye out.  Okay so two computer models really want it to rain here. We’ll see. 

Interesting how every single weather app has different forecasts. 


So below on the GIF, you can see there is moisture coming towards us from mainland.  It could easily be why we are “scheduled” for some rain hence, why I’m being so chill about this new invest.

Oh right, that invest. Should prolly show you that


1100 AM PDT WED AUG 17 2016

For the eastern North Pacific...east of 140 degrees west longitude:

1. Disorganized showers and thunderstorms continue in association with
a low pressure system located about 350 miles south-southwest of
Manzanillo, Mexico.  Upper-level winds are marginally conducive for
some slow development of this system during the next few days while
it moves generally northwestward.
* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...30 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days...medium...60 percent

Forecaster Roberts

Shrugging my shoulders.  It’s just too soon to know what will happen with this Invest however, long term forecast models are currently thinking this system will stay offshore and pass to the south of us.


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