I know, right? Cat 3, Cat 4 and areas of interest … sigh

Please do not ask if we, the East Pacific … can get anymore active. Seriously.  Just don’t.



Is it just me … or does the GIF file above look like it’s making a face? It’s like it’s saying, Here’s Looking at You. I know, I make really bad jokes. I’m just not a funny person.  Dry humor rarely comes across in writing, or in person.

It’s totally wrong for me to say, thankfully cat 3 Madeline with 115mph winds, and cat 4 Lestor with 135mph winds is heading out further and further from Cabo because – #Hawaii. Hawaii is in the cone of pay attention to these storms! As cat 1’s, but still.  Let’s keep positive thoughts and prayers going for Hawaii. May the storms miss them altogether. In our community, we all know people there.

So what about “us”? This …


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1100 AM PDT MON AUG 29 2016

For the eastern North Pacific…east of 140 degrees west longitude:

The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Hurricane
Lester, located well to the west of the southern tip of the Baja
California peninsula.

1. Disorganized showers and a few thunderstorms continue in association
with a broad area of low pressure located several hundred miles
south-southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California
peninsula.  Any development of this system is expected to be slow to
occur while it moves slowly westward or west-northwestward during
the next few days.
* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…10 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days…low…30 percent

2. An area of low pressure is expected to form toward the end of
the week a few hundred miles south or southeast of Acapulco,
Mexico.  Environmental conditions appear conducive for slow
development of this system  while it moves west-northwestward or
* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…near 0 percent
* Formation chance through 5 days…medium…40 percent

Forecaster Roberts



Do we panic? Heck no because we are ready for anything. Right? “But Jenn … It’s September!” Lesson learned, don’t mock the storms. (Odile flashbacks).

That being said, you already stocked up, right? All you have to do is top off the fuel in your cars and propane tanks, grab some fresh food to supplement non-perishables and bring in the tomato plants, right? (Hangs head in shame, I need to shop).

Now, I’m not sounding emergency bat signals or anything … just want to make sure everyone takes personal responsibility in the event of a storm. Thinking back, there is nothing we could have done to prevent Odile, but if everyone had bought their essentials, vs being complacent because for a day or two even I thought we’d be okay … side swipes not are cool either, my friends. Remember that. I’d rather be safe than sorry. 😉

So far, there are no forecast models available to the public for the orange area in the graphics above but … it might get close. So let’s just be ready so if we get a little wind and a little rain, we won’t be super stressed. Okay?

If anyone gets stuck at home with no food and water because they didn’t go to the market and buy a few things and we get rain making it difficult to travel for a few days considering how many dirt roads we have … I best not see it on Facebook. Just saying.

I never ever ever never (you get the point) want to fear monger, it’s not my thing. Just care about my friends and neighbor’s and want everyone to be safe and dry. Remember, we are expecting a rainy year.

I’ll shut up now. More info as it developes (it being the system being monitored down past Acapulco that doesn’t even exist yet)


And just because I’m thinking in hind sight I may have sounded tooooooo serious … here is a cute kitty in a raincoat

cute kitty


    1. If everyone takes care of themselves, they will also be able to care for others should the need arise. Just having flashbacks of people needing help vs those that could have helped themselves and I’m still irked, I guess.

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