So … Hurricane Newton 1 week later

Better late than never?  I did kinda figure that there would be a lot of coverage on the news and facebook, especially when Josh from iCyclone decided to join us for Newton as he did almost exactly, two years after Odile.  Plus I was just exhausted.

Our utility company, CFE, had decided in advance to shut off electricity in certain areas that we really do not have an appropriate word for in English but in Spanish, they refer to the areas known as “invasions” – sounds really offensive right?  How do I put it?  We have areas where people are illegally hooked up to the electrical system and it’s done all wrong and it is very dangerous on  a sunny day.  So of course, those illegally installed lines with no meters will not hold up in bad weather and are always the first to be cut on purpose to try and save the grid.  I would hazard a guess, that most people do not like to go out in a blackout during a hurricane so it would also, save lives by cutting the power to keep people indoors in the middle of the night, during a hurricane.

What is irritating, is being on the internet and reading people complaining that their electrical has been turned off and pointing out how unfair it is when they can see power is on in other areas.  First, we ALL lost power.  Besides transformers blowing, trees knocking down a few lines … CFE had to shut us down. If you saw people still had power in their homes at a distance – it’s from several things.  Generators.  Solar Power stored in battery back-ups … it’s called being prepared to the best one can afford to be.  I did not have power that night.  It went out roughly … 12-ish?  I really do not recall.  All I know is that I was grateful to have it restored by dinner time the next day. Oh, and figures, NOW my generator is finally working haha.  I know, Miss Prepper didn’t have a working generator.  Feel free to mock at any time.

I don’t know about you, but Newton didn’t seem to be all that scary but then, I didn’t lose windows, roof tiles … just power.  Okay and my sanity.  Totally was suffering from PTSD post-Odile.

So, being a working woman, I didn’t get to go around and take pictures or anything but I can share with you a video of a local storm chaser that was out during the storm, and after sun up.  It’s a little shaky at times but he was on the move:

I hope the links works …

Also hope this link works: iClyclone posted some data on FB:

It’s Monday … I’ve got work to do … no need to get into details on that hurricane NOT even close to land today as it is not a threat but maybe tomorrow just for giggles.




edit … we did have tragedy that everyone seems to already know about – but I am not an investigative reporter and do not have all of the facts so I will again, direct you to other sources.  What I do know, is that a shrimp boat capsized and that they were unable to get into safer waters like say … one of our two marinas, and it is most unfortunate that the crew lost their lives.  I did just learn, they finally found the captain who up until now had still been missing.  He died with honor.  He died with dignity and respect.  He went down, with his ship.  Still missing is the crew’s diver.

So that makes this link old news:

and you will need google translate:

and more recently:

I do not have eloquent words but know loss, and send prayers to the crews family and friends.  This should not have happened.



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