Hurricane Orlene 

Can you believe that “we”, as in the East Pacific have a hurricane that starts with the letter “O” this week of all weeks? Thankfully, this system is supposed to make an about face. Storms change their minds. It happens. Though from the start this system was never thought to make landfall.

So let’s take a peak at this cat 2.

and here is a close up of Orlene

Above we can see its history.

And then a few computer models with their probabilities …

And what the NHC shows.

But we all know how I adore color coded things so we can see in a split second without a whole lot of reading that this system is going to quickly lose strength. 😊

Oh, then there is this little tidbit … get it? Image below is from tropical tidbits (I know, stop trying to be funny it doesn’t work for me)

Aaaaaaand this is what is kinda sorta looks like

The European models show it’ll stay out to sea if it develops so I’m not personally going to check on it every 5 minutes. 😊

Oh! Coming soon … pics of my hurricane shutters, as they are almost done installing them. What I can tell you so far, is that wow do they help keep the heat out of my house!


I know … I need to stop doing last minute editing to add but lets keep the residents of Taiwan and China in our thoughts and prayers right now. For detailed info – please let Dr Masters go into detail

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