Two Year Anniversary of Hurricane Odile, Hurricane Glass and Shutters plus more storms? 

To this day, I am still too tired to relive it. Facebook left me (us all) a few reminders on my timeline.  I am seeing a lot of pictures and video’s that other people are sharing and it’s – so hard to see.

A screenshot from my phone that I uploaded to FB during the Odile


There is an album of all of the images we uploaded as Live Cabo Radio monitored Odile’s progress from the beginning. If you are on FB, the album can be found here and the images “should” be in order:

I wasn’t “stuck” at work in my store … we were swamped with customers coming in last minute to get rope (so glad I am spell checking a bit for once before uploading because I typed the customers were ripe and that while funny would’ve been untrue and offensive haha) and fenders they didn’t think they would be needing the day before.  Many of our FB friends, friends and family urged us to close – to go home, but there weren’t any cows flying in the air (if you haven’t seen the movie  Twister that won’t make sense) so we stuck it out until the skies turned very dark. I let everyone know we were closed at 2pm but I recall being here later than that.

It was waves crashing over the arch, not thunder. And shhhhhhhhhtuff was getting real.

I spent more time on Live Cabo Radio’s FB page and the Hurricane/Weather group than my own wall … so this is it for the memories.


It wasn’t until the eye that we discovered we still had an upstairs.  I’m serious.  It sounded like the entire top of our home had been blown away.  A primary window was impacted at about 8:30 and we had to take refuge early … compared to most.  During the eye, we found our front door had been blown off from the winds that came in through the window, realized what utter BS is it to tape up windows … which is why I wrote this blog entry on a few myth’s

Many people want to know, after two years of research, which company my husband decided to use for hurricane window protection.  After Odile we initially had that fabric installed and well, after a tropical storm ripped it off our house we decided to get serious and finally decided on Shutter-Tech.

I’ll let the video speak for itself. We are still having them installed and while I had hoped to have pics to share of the process, sadly I have to work and haven’t been home to take quality pictures.  I am really pleased with the professionalism their local installation crew in Cabo thus far.


So before we went with the shutters, we had hurricane glass installed. Again, my husband did the research and had them customer made to include more layers of laminate than you will read about. I’ll use this blog to tell you a bit about them

Locally, we hired Vidriera San Marcos. Tell Ramiro we sent you – we receive no commission. We just are really really happy with his work. 624-147-5817 or email, but knowing hotmail it will go straight to junk mail haha hate Hotmail.

How did we meet Ramiro? One day, back when we had a bodega (warehouse) we discovered that someone had broken in and what they did not steal they destroyed. 😞 Standing by the truck looking clearly distressed, within minutes of each other, a welder drove by as did a glass guy and both had stopped to see if the man, my husband, was okay. Um … No. He wasn’t. However, within an hour?, we had a new window installed and the metal bars were already re-welded back on. If I’m exaggerating then it was two hours. 😃 you just remember people that stop to help you … especially Ramiro who was probably trying to get home to his family as it was late in the day.

So we all know about WU’s lack of rain predicting accuracy but this is the 10-Day

I’m second guessing this next part because I am soooooo anti-fear mongering but sooooo “be ready for anything”.  If you have any stock whatsoever in the European model, we might see some rain soon. And some wind. Or not. It’s just too early.

So … for those fond of windyty … they now give you forecast model options to watch. Two – three totally different scenarios too far out to accurately predict. You know? But you are still ready for anything so you’ve got this. 😊

Day job is calling and I’d better accomplish something before I bust an employee playing on FB – gotta lead by example before hypocrisy, right?

Updates as we get them on systems that technically don’t exist yet. ~Jenn


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