Tournament Season & Current Weather

Recently … a week ago(?), I read someone post on Facebook that the weather finally took a turn for the more comfortable and I have to strongly disagree.  Yesterday down by the marina in Cabo San Lucas registered 99f in my car.  Today isn’t so bad, it is “allegedly” a cool 86.5f as I type, with only 71% humidity but it’s okay, as it only feels like it’s 97f according to wundergound.  Serious eye roll.   It’s freakin’ horrid out there.  But then I look at the weather in the PNW and see a tornado touched down in Oregon and just shut my eyes and stop with the rolls because – we have clear skies.

So … I don’t know how many know this but Cabo, is really, just a fishing village. Seriously.  Just a small little fishing village that has grow into a top tourist destination for fishing, golfing and if you research Cabo with hashtags you will find a whole lot of drinking, sun worshipping, beautiful resorts, world renowned spas and fabulous food, but still, a fishing village never the less.


Years ago, and I am totally paraphrasing … back when Cabo was still laid back, a bunch of guys with beautiful fishing boats decided to see who could catch the biggest fishie, and the most trust worthy man, a man I’ve had the pleasure to spend a great deal of time talking to over the years, got to hold the “purse” because what’s the point of showing each other up unless you put down some cash, right?  That amazing man is none other than Bob Bisbee.   It was 1981 … back when life seemed simpler, happier … and here we are, in 2016 and things have changed.  The world has changed, the mine is bigger than yours, has changed, and it is now the biggest and richest fishing tournament in the world.  The Bisbee’s.  I think, you’d get a better understanding if you just read their bio CLICK ME       It’s better to read the link in blue …

They don’t just bring anglers down to Cabo San Lucas rock star style which helps tourism, they give back to the community.  One day, when time permits, I’ll tell you how much they gave back after Odile. I could sit here and babble all day but better yet … watch this video:



Bisbee’s has certainly grown over the years.  There are three tournaments held annually.  We’ve already had the East Cape tourney, and as I type, the registration and captains meeting for the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament is taking place before the “main” event, as shown in the video above, the Bisbee’s 36th Black and Blue tournament which is next week!

To keep track of your friends, family and the fishing, this is the link for Catch Stat, the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament:

There are currently 115 teams registered comprising of 582 anglers with possibly more to come.


Coming up next week … the main event, the Black and Blue … stay tuned …




(oh, there’s a small chance of thunderstorms next Wednesday but, we’ll see)






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