Full Moon, Bisbee Offshore & Current weather

Yes, those that follow the moon phase calander may argue that technically the moon is full tomorrow, Sunday the 16th but it’s Sunday somewhere and, we do have 100% illumination as you can clearly see from this #nofilter photograph taken here in Cabo San Lucas.

Today’s weather didn’t seem as extreme as it has the last few days but it still seems unusually warm for an October evening 

Ignore the invest. 

It’s only … 57% humidity 😊 

So we’ve covered weather with cute kitties and images. Now, the update for the 2016 Bisbee Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, day #1. Correction is final number of teams from yesterday’s update and not everyone ponied up, there are 108 teams comprising 772 anglers.  Such awesome people … I’m sure the dude that thought it was okay to smoke in my place of business today is usually awesome 😳 yeah I went there but please, remember that many of the same customs, laws etc actually do apply here too. I know, we take the fun out of vacationing. 

Disclosure: Billfish seen in the images below are given to orphanages, senior homes 🏑 and other organizations to donate the meat for much needed protein. If you eat fish … #justsaying 
Sadly the bill-fishie that weighed the most today was camera shy, team Go Naked brought a 391 pound blue marlin to scale. Angler Mike Maler, congrats (totally presuming scales are closed as its nearly 9pm and I snuck home early)

Next … team Nice Ride, angler Deno Merziotis … blue marlin 366 pounds. Shoutout to Captain Brett Eller as he just brought  in a 285lb yellowfin tuna yesterday on the Rocky Mountain Hooker yesterday during the Billfish Tournament. 

Never to disappoint, team Go Deeper, angler Chris Vincent brought in a blue marlin weighing in at 333lbs!

Bullrider came in at #4 with a 325lb blue marlin, angler Trent Twamley

Is anyone paying attention to the names here or is my mind in the gutter? I sense a theme. πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

Team Santana, brother to scale a 312lb black Marlin, angler Danny Cheodine. 

And at #6, team Octopisi πŸ™ 🐱 a 311lb black Marlin by angler Gonzallo Castillo.

So day #1 … everyone that came to scale congrats for not bringing in anything under 300 pounds which results in a penalty. 
Now on to the tuna! Mmmmmm 🍣 sashimi!

And there were more teams listed for release but here are the top 20

Breaking it down, overall we had 4 black Marlin, 41 blue marlin, 2 dorado (mahi mahi), 1 sailfish, 14 striped Marlin, and 11 yellowfin tuna. Obviously not all were brought to scale. 73 🐟 fishies were caught, 29 were lost with a hook-up conversion rate of 71.57 which isn’t bad considering the moon as any fisherman knows. 
See you all tomorrow! 


Post Script, totally “borrowed” all images above from Bisbee and if you were hoping to see a tuna, here is one from yesterday’s Billfish tourney mentioned earlier. Unless your unable to see the image below as it’s not behaving πŸ™„ 

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