Is it just me or is it still too warm?

I know, long time no hear from me but in October things pick up around here and everyone starts battling colds and flu’s.  Plus, though there was weather to talk about, we weren’t in harms way.

Let’s move on to today’s subject.  DANG – it has been warm!  Let us look at what we should anticipate based on historical data  from 1996 to 2012.  Yes, totally borrowed that chart as I’d have done it in F as in,  “are you ffffffffffffffffreaking kidding me” it’s been so warm and extra humid for the last few years (2013 till now it seems to be getting warmer).


Today is November 1st, so on average, we should expect a daily high of approx. 89.6f, and tonight a low of 69.8f.  Well, it’s not even 10am and it is 87.9 with 47% humidity and feels like 90f … we are expecting a high today of 94f.

Over the weekend, I had a few friends over and at this time of the year, we’d normally have enjoyed hanging out on the patio but nope, we stayed inside where it was nice and cool compliments of air conditioning.  Note to self: I need more comfy chairs inside.

Having the always inaccurate wunderground 10-day forecast in front of me (it used to be more accurate until they were bought out by a larger weather company, just … pointing that out)

Let’s skip ahead to the 9th … we should, historically, expect approx. highs of 87.8f with evening lows of 68f … but WU 88f and 68f … so let us see how accurate that is.  Because I am telling you, that high of 94f they are predicting this next Friday is not normal!

I guess my biggest gripe is that I am not going to want to make turkey and pies with all of the seasonal items starting to get stocked up in the local markets without running the A/C and that is just not the norm.  We should be expecting highs of 83f and lows of 65f which to a local, is sweater weather while serving up pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and sneaking in a few more bites of stuffing just for good measure.

At least, we aren’t seeing any storms coming … no one was too thrilled to see Sandra coming this way before dissipating at the end of November 2015.   Hurricane season does not officially end until November 30th so we can’t promise anything.

Water temp … YIKES!


What we do have going for us, are the winds are in our favor even if it looks like something wanted to develop (and no, there is nothing developing).


So let us all remain positive, thankful there is no rain in the forecast while the daytime highs are so, well, high (humidity is not a girl’s friend) and play the guessing game of when will it become FALL in Los Cabos?



I’m totally ready for fall, how about you?



Post Blog edit to add … it has been sooooo warm this year, that our local organic farmers that are usually already to offer you their produce grown with love, are still unable to really produce a harvest.  Soon … but they are a bit late this year and I understand, as normally I’d be transferring seedlings but it’s been too warm to germinate – at least in my own little micro-climate


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