Atlantic TS Otto and yes, it IS too warm in Cabo

There.  I said it.  Again.  It is too warm in Cabo San Lucas but if you’d like to disagree with me on the temps, one cannot argue the humidity is not normal.

Today, we are expecting a high of 83f which is not what is unusual … it’s that it is 9:45am and 70% humidity.

Local organic farmers like Baja Farm Fresh who had hoped to re-open to make deliveries at the end of September and are just now able to offer their #FarmToTable yummy goodness! They specialized in deliveries to your door but it kinda looks like they are opening a little stand by Walmart?  Maybe they aren’t able to produce, “produce”, as much as normally expected thanks to this heat. See, much of our local produce comes from Pescadero and they have this fabulous micro-climate where it is markably cooler than Cabo but this year … it’s not.

Here is the FB page to Baja Farm Fresh… I haven’t checked closely to see if they are back to deliveries but am on their list to contact when they are ready to start making house calls  There are several organic markets in Cabo and San Jose and I’ve heard the farmers offerings are slimmer than usual – “heard”, as I haven’t gone out to investigate it first hand.

Today, we are expecting a high of 83f which is not what is unusual … it’s that it is 9:45am and 70% humidity.

So … the Atlantic has a late season storm.  OTTO




Long term forecasts really do not show this system re-developing into anything noteworthy once it comes into our turf (or should I say surf) but some of us still remember Sandra from 2015 so of course us weather nerds are paying attention to Otto knowing full well that we do have better things to do with our time like – making pumpkin pies.


Sure.  She dissipated well south of us here in the Los Cabos region but still was an unexpected late season storm for the families that came here for the Thanksgiving weekend. Many were made nervous by the large waves in some of those ocean front suites in the resorts because those waves were totally abnormal for this (that) weekend.  No worries for this year as the wave forecast has the tide coming from the north, in zero tp one meter heights.

So … let us be thankful, that we currently do not have any late season storms approaching. Today. After all, the water IS still too warm.  Too warm for this time of the year.  I am pretty sure those that dive are happy.



Day job is calling.  Have a FAB Turkey day to those that partake! ~Jenn




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