I forgot to bring a jacket to work today

Yep.  I knew it was cooler, I knew it was windy and I still, didn’t factor the “wind chill” in when I walked out the door this morning and got in the car.  Everyone else, was smarter than I was as many had on not sweaters, but jackets walking but not me.  I will not forget tomorrow.

Winter … welcome to Cabo.  I think we skipped fall! Though some may argue what winter vs fall feels like in our region the moment you see locals wearing what looks like ski jackets, its winter. Or … winter-ish.

Finally, we will see serious drops in the electrical bills, cute sweaters, women wearing fashionable boots and we will all get side ways glances from people visiting our town as they are wearing bikini’s.  HA!

Oh, tomorrow is the official last day of hurricane season. ~Jenn



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