It’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer!

It was the night before last, and all though Los Cabos, no one was comfortable, not even a ___________.

Seriously. Two nights ago it was high 80’s and over 70% humidity and many turned to their air conditioners for comfort. Yesterday we had a high of 92f.

In December. December!

It’s difficult to understand if you are reading this from up north,  but we really do have winters here. We run around in what looks like ski jackets, warm scarfs around our necks etc., while those spending their holidays here escaping the negative temps are in bikini’s and sundresses looking at us funny. We look forward to what we consider cold wintery weather as a reprieve from the agonizing and super humid summer.
Meanwhile to the north people are freezing wishing they were here and we keep wondering if we should enjoy the warmth for what it is, or worry if winter will never come.

Wednesday, I made the mistake of not checking the weather and was dressed warmly thinking to myself, “Self! It is December and you can finally wear a cute sweater! Yay you!” And then I get into the office and realize just how warm it is and what an idiot I was … and how unseasonably festive it wasn’t … so we shut the doors, cranked the a/c, lit a seasonal candle (apple cinnamon) trying to pretend it was almost Christmas because while it is, almost Christmas, it feels like July. (Broke down this morning and changed the music in the store to holiday music and lit the candle … considering A/C … and running out to get a can of fake spray snow except who enjoyed cleaning THAT up? Not me.)


So above may be you … and below is what we are looking “forward” to.  I just know someone will say Jennifer quit yer beaching and enjoy it but I stomp my feet and refuse. I also know to be careful of what I ask for. As we can see below the temps should start to drop off so … yay?

Keep in mind … we are supposed to have averages with highs of 77f and lows of 58f (25/14c).
Today’s homework assignment! Finish the first sentence of this update.




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