Our weather feels like menopause 

Seriously. One day after my last blog saying it felt like summer, it was coooooold and windy!  It was as close to (for those who celebrate) feeling like Christmas in Cabo as one could get December 24th. December 25th was back to feeling unusually warm. Those of us wishing for cool weather felt like we just couldn’t win!

So we have a day where we are dressed for cool weather and wearing our equivalent to ski jackets and the next thing we know we wish we were wearing shorts. 

Freezing for a few, overheating for a few. Hence … menopausal weather 😂

Today is the same. I’m overheating, personally, but know that because we are also a desert, and that by tonight i may wish for a small fire. 
Current temp., late afternoon and it’s 73.6f with 52% humidity.  We are expecting a low of 56f tonight. 

Crystal ball shows clear skies for the foreseeable future. ☀ alledgedly, we may have a 10% chance of rain sometime in the next few days. We’ll see. 😊 
This blog update is more me just letting you know I haven’t forgotten … there just hasn’t been anything to write home about weatherwise. Thankfully. 
So really, our weather is perfect! ~Jenn

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