Possible Wind and Rain Saturday

I say possible because as we all know, the weather man is wrong so frequently.  I however, will be paying close attention and batting down the hatches so to speak … the following picture is one example of something that requires immediate attention at the station … phone/internet lines that had been accidentally severed by an unknown and this was a bandaid “fix” until the wires could be re-ran properly.

So mock those of us that getting antsy over weather all you want.  This is just a luxury thing (okay I need it) but if some of the reports about possible high gusts and isolated areas getting drenched are true, some people will have major issues.

Reminder, we have micro-climates. What impacts San Jose, the East Cape or San Lucas proper … is vastly different than even a few blocks from a friend.  Next image is an example of Live Cabo Radio’s station (that is not reporting) to other weather stations in the hood

So … if you are in or about to be in the Los Cabos region, you may not have heard about Tropical Cyclone Dineo … which is 10,162 miles away from us (I think I promised someone mild satire – but seriously, I haven’t looked, how frequently does S.Africa get storms? I truly do not know)

So let’s look at a few conflicting weather reports closer to home.

The infamously wrong Wunderground:

Well, that doesn’t look toooo bad. Just a few hours of rain that under normal circumstances is a fab thing except we’ve as per usual, been in a dry spell so it won’t take much to flood downtown as any rain water we might see travels toward the sea/Marina … and downtown gets a bit flooded. Thankfully it clears up quickly. However, I’m ready elsewhere we may see much heavier rains and much stronger winds in isolated areas.

We will start with Passage weather and use Timebie to convert UTC to MST.  The image below shows a possible wind of up to 25 knots (28.77mph) at 5pm Saturday.  That’s is almost enough to move around my patio furniture.


Now by Saturday, we will start seeing some waves … big ones … but Sunday is supposed to be the worst and most dangerous day.  Saturday we are anticipating up to 10 foot swells but Sunday by evening time, 14 feet … all subject to change, of course but seriously … no moonlight strolls on the beach and certainly do not turn your back on the water during the day this weekend.


Now on to the rain … anticipated rainfall by mm per every 3 hours … in isolated areas where we really won’t know until it happens, or it doesn’t.


Little precipitation GIF to watch this system on the move:


I think by now, we all know how to use windyty … and its pretty graphics.

Keep in mind, the rainfall in the graph is also, mm per 3 hours.

Let us hope that if we really and truly get some rain this weekend, that is image below is the worst we see downtown … image compliments of a google search


A little rain never ruined a day or a vacation though it can alter your plans so make a plan B and a plan C just in case unless you have stuff going on and need to finish up so work on a hurry. OH!  Very important … there is talk of snow and hail and stuff … I do not recall ever seeing hail near the beach and as for snow, that is towards the mountains for sure so no worries on that one.  If it snows on our beaches, we’ve got issues. Especially considering it’s supposed to be plus or minus 70 degrees F … just saying.

So for now, to quote a friend I recently lost … I got nothin’  which it totally untrue, I could babble all day but I’ll hold off for now haha

Update later ~ Jenn

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