So it looks like rain mañana 

So now it’s a question of how much, and how windy.  I don’t know, maybe out of boredom I screen captured several weather apps to see what’s doin’ mañana and of course apps don’t lie, right?  (Ha) So now it’s just a matter of also where because – micro climates.  We can almost always be sure if the forecast calls for rain, it will rain in the mountains, probably the airport in San Jose and maybe even San Jose, most assuredly in Todos Santos but will Cabo get any action?


Well there we have it.  The apps have spoken (haha)


Image below is now-ish


Image below is maybe mañana (I know a boat named that)


Unless it totally downpours, which has happened when we’ve been told sprinkles, it’ll be fine because there is nothing bad about getting wet but what we really need to worry about is safety along the shore and be prepared for the port captain to close the port at least for water activities because trust me, you don’t want to parasail tomorrow if we really get this weather. #trustme on that.



If it really comes down, those planning day trips need to drive reeeeeally carefully, and remember down town Cabo  – pending we get even just 1/2 of an inch, will be messy for a bit and especially bad near Squid Roe.  So plan accordingly if you are here on vacation (locals totally know what I’m talking about).


Before I go … a little water vapor GIF so you can watch what may or may not be coming this way


Oh, and a music video … because I’m feeling really Fleetwood Mac right now.  Know what’s cool about the performance below?  People had only heard the radio version and well, this totally kicks the radio versions azzzzzzzz


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