So what’s your favorite rainy day song? 

It’s just after about 1pm in Los Cabos and we are still waiting for the sky to fall in the form of a little rain though there are reports that the Sierra’s may see something a little colder like, IDK, hail or some snow. Yes, it happens every so often. 
So this is what I woke up to. 

So I’ve spent my day thus far running some errands. Gassed up the car but not outof panic the tank was just too low for my liking and I was only going to pass like, 3 gas stations so it was kinda a duh … fill her up time. 
Now I’m back home doing winter like things like, making chili. 😊 and oooooooo yes, there will, be sweet corn bread and yes, I will adulter it with beans because – fiber, iron, blah blah blah

So what about this rain we are supposed to maaaaaybe get today?  First let’s look at the current sitch … below is Live Cabo Radio’s weather station. 

A few hundred feet away is another seen below:

Funny how different the wind is eh?  We are also expecting anywhere from light winds to up to 25mph 
So then I take a step back and look at the looped satellite images show what’s been doing for the past few.

Then move on to some pretty graphics for current-ish alledged wind and rain 

So yeah … we could still see some action.  But again, the most important thing for today and tomorrow is most important and unfortunate… no toes in the sand.  Today we are seeing large swells come to shore and as it gets later in the day, we will see up to 9+ feet.

Tomorrow, will be worse. 

So back to that whole rain thing … you can see what’s exapected soon, below, which is millimeters per three hours. 

Time to tend to me chili … 

Jenn, aka Weather Goddess, IHT, the Unicorn, Red Snapper #1 and the ugly redheaded step child. 

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