Final Countdown – Are You Ready?

Yeppers.  We’ve got 27 days until the 2017 East Pacific Hurricane Season begins (May 15th).  44 days, if you are awaiting the Atlantic season (June 1st).


And you know what?  It looks like we will be seeing El Nino around August which means fewer storms for the Atlantic, but more for the East Pacific.




The East Pacific Ocean is huuuuuge.  There is a LOT of area for a storm to consider visiting.  So that does not automatically mean land will get hit though I’d be lying if I said we’d not see at least an outer-band from at least a Tropical Storm … it’s how we get our rain for the most part. Hurricane Season is like a catch 22 in that regard.  For the rest of the summer, if you see weather forecasters calling for rain, it almost always means the mountains behind us.  You will see clouds in the mountains, clouds out at sea and possible spectacular lighting storms on the horizon, but rain in Cabo San Lucas?  Usually no.  San Jose del Cabo? Better chance of rain … but for the most part, rain in a forecast just means humidity downtown. With sunshine.  Lots and lots of sunshine.


Which reminds me … if you are new to living in Los Cabos and no one has told you yet, this is our dry season!  Please, for your own sake, do not take extra long showers, or do laundry on half loads if you can help it etc etc etc … there is nothing like coming home to no water because you accidentally drained your water storage tank.  Also, when it is empty, your pump (presuming it has an accumulator) will run and run and run trying to create water pressure and it’ll die on you.  Living here in the dry season is like living off of well water but our wells constantly go dry depending on so many factors like, rain, whether the city sent water this week, or couldn’t because a water line burst somewhere.  So please be conservative.   I will never forget the first time I turned on the water after a long day to begin dinner or something and nothing came out of the tap.  I was so freaked.  Don’t let that happen to you.


Anywho … todays update is more about reminding everyone that has not done so already, to take a close look at your windows and hurricane protection.  All forms of window protection are custom jobs and there is no waiting until the last minute.  Get quotes from as many companies as you can, and get what you can afford, then change your mind and go with the next one up and be frugal with everything else to pay for it – it’s worth it!  This ancient blog post, I talked about quality windows and hurricane shutters:

We are still waiting for someone, anyone, to release a forecast for the East Pacific.  Maybe mañana and by mañana I mean like … they will probably wait until the 1st or 2nd week of May.

So what is the current sitch?  Regardless of temps in and out of the water, the winds are in “our” favor.




Blue skies, shining on me.  Nothing but blue skies, do I see …

When it comes to important 911 weather chatter which includes storm prep, please join us at Hurricane Info – Los Cabos on Facebook:

Want to talk all things weather related? We’ve got a new non-doomy all-purpose weather group for anything from pretty scenic pictures of our skies and ocean, maybe someday someone will talk surf conditions … or gardening as long as it’s related to the weather, like, omggggggg it’s raining!!! (Yes, locals get excited when we see rain) here: Los Cabos Weather & More


Have a lovely day ~ Jenn



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