NOAA – It’s about time!

Not that predictions for the hurricane season will come to fruition, or that any of the storms will make land fall … or that some of us have been waiting for what seems like forever, or that – I’ll stop because I could do this all day


about damned time


Besides, we’ve already been given guestimates from other sources, but it’s still kinda nice to know what they think might possibly happen or not happen out at sea, you know?


To be fair, they admit they haven’t a clue because so much depends on when if and how strong of an El Nino the East Pacific will or will not be.  Click HERE for details from the Climate Prediction Center

It’s lengthy and I haven’t read it in its entirety but will later this evening.  Just wanted to share for those that have been waiting.


In the meantime, let us enjoy a GIF that shows we currently have nothing coming our way in Los Cabos


As always, this is more for entertainment purposes as if there is every an emergency please refer to the professionals.

xoxo~ Jenn



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