2017 E. Pacific Hurricane Season Forecasts

Yep.  We are finally getting them.  It does seem a bit unfair (as if life is) that we had to wait so long compared to the Atlantic but then, this year would be especially difficult for anyone to put their name on it when weather patterns are all over the place and everyone has been holding their breathe waiting on El Nino.


So let’s get to it, we will begin with the forecast from Accuweather because – it’s in English and we write for the English speaking community and it’s the only one I’ve seen so far.

accuweather forecast


From a Facebook Post via Instituto Meteorológico Nacional

“The forecast for the 2017 of Tropical Cyclones in the basin of the northeastern Pacific Ocean-issued by the national weather service of Mexico-is 17 systems, which are considered those phenomena which at least reach the intensity of the storm Tropical. The 17 Cyclones are distributed as follows: 8, 5 Tropical Storms Hurricanes Moderates (Category 1 OR 2) and 4 INTENSE HURRICANES (Category 3, 4 OR 5 ). This amount is less than 22 Cyclones registered last year, inside of which stood out hurricane Patricia, the most intense ever observed in the western hemisphere in terms of atmospheric pressure (872 HPA), and more Strong globally in terms of maximum sustained wind (345 mph).” ~ Facebook doesn’t translate very well but it does a better job than I do. jaja


Yes, there is a difference is the number of storms predicted, their intensities etc etc and there will be more forecasts to come, but it doesn’t really matter on the small scale of things if there are 17 or 19 names storms, or the exact number of hurricanes predicted.  What matters on the small scale (small scale – vs discussing global weather) is how it effects us – those living anywhere along the coast lines, because when it comes to life and property, that is major scale in my uneducated I didn’t have to get a degree to form this opinion train of thought.


There is no way to know what this season truly holds for us along to coast, or those of us who live in Baja Sur which is what “I” primarily focus on.   The East Pacific is pretty big, and we all know most storms stay out to sea.  So let us not freak our over a few numbers but remember that it is important to always be prepared for anything.


At this time, the waters in OUR area are still too cold for the how to make a hurricane recipe (that was this silly post: https://livecaboradio.blog/2017/05/01/recipe-for-a-hurricane/ )



There are no storms out there and the winds are also in our favor




Not that it matters, but “we” are also still waiting for NOAA to put out there forecast.


For today let us think of important things like – Taco Tuesday, and having a sense of humor.


~Arm Chair Weather Person that doesn’t know anything about anything – doing the weather for fun, and will most certainly direct your attention back to those with degrees if it looks like TSWHTF …


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