Weather Update June 23 2017

First … let’s just get this first image out of the way for dramatic effect and then veer off into what I really wanted to share with you.  I’ll come back to it.  Promise.

Dora maybe


Let’s talk about the heat.  I know, it totally seems hotter than usual, and maybe in our own micro-climates, it has been (I know our personal weather station has stronger winds and higher heat than the nearest airport).  I truly wish I had kept better records before, or that my own weather station had been up longer than a year (so we aren’t using mine).  The only “official” weather stations with any kind of records are the ones at the airports.  The Cabo San Lucas airport doesn’t have as complete of records as San Jose’s …


June Heat up to 23 Cabo


As you can see, the Cabo San Lucas airport only broke the heat record twice so far this month (left handed … messy writing … pretend it’s beautiful penmanship, please)


June Heat up to 23 San Jose

We can see that so far, the San Jose airport has not broken heat records.  However, both weather stations are reporting warmer lows (evenings).  Huh.  You’d think it’d cool down some considering how windy it’s been but I digress.

Let’s look at what we might expect in July.


July Heat Records Cabo

Please note that the Cabo San Lucas airport weather station’s records do not include rain averages … it is not because it never rains in July here, it certainly does and seemingly always around the 4th of July, but the records are incomplete.


July Heat Records San Jose

San Jose airports records, however, show record rain fall and included the average for the month.


so …. the western USA is experiencing a dangerous heat wave.  Will it effect us?

Heat Next Week USA


I don’t have a clue.  Okay I do have a little one … the jet stream is not moving warm air towards the south so no.  Look at the GIF below (note:  if this is the Facebook version the GIF won’t play) and you will see that the warm air really is headed north, not south.

It’ll get warm and more humid here soon enough … let’s not pray for it.  We want our air and water to stay cool because … we prefer hurricanes and tropical storms to stay far far away and only send over a stray cloud or two to give us a little sprinkling to water our gardens (it can totally rain in the mountains where the cities get their water from though)

Speaking of storms, I know you all know by now there is something brewing down south, and not because it was my opening image.  The Gulf of Tehuantepec is showing signs of life as its cooking up a system some are already saying will be the 4th named storm of the season, Dory.  That remains to be seen if it develops into a named storm.  But name or not, mainland is expecting a lot of rain.   There are a lot of factors, which can be read about on AccuWeather.

I’ll revisit my thoughts on this system later as it’s just too soon, you know?


Happy Friday Everyone!






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