Meet Tropical Storm Dora

This will mostly be an image update on this system, as those that have been following this blog or the updates on Facebook need no explanation at what they are looking at when they visit one stop websites like eebmike. 😊 Plus, I think the graphics are self explanatory. 

I will however, make a point about being careful with regards to wave height towards the end. 

First, let’s look at the animation.
If it shows correctly, unlike when shared as a comment on Facebook, you can see the winds will keep this system from Baja, though do not be surprised if a stray cloud or two brings us some rain. Or not. 

I know, how maybe apps do I have? Ha

See? The water is not 82f, Baja and surrounding waters are not warm enough to keep up a storms strength regardless of the winds changed or not. 

However, let’s look at current position and projected position.

Now let’s look at wave height. 

 One to two meters is high enough, but two to three definitely gets your attention. Stay safe along the shoreline and don’t turn your back on the sea. ❤️ 
Oh … lastly, Wunderground has a compilation of storms for this month going back a looooong time. You can see how many have gotten close, their paths and strengths. 😊

Off to try to enjoy Sunday. It will be humid … guess it’s braid your hair day if you get the frizzed look. 

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