We all breathed a sigh of relief – Norma

The other day when I commented we really couldn’t handle one more inch of rain ☔️ I was being very serious. The season isn’t over yet but I know, we are all SO over the weather. While Norma is still out there but to the south WEST, regardless of what the euro model says, Norma dried out. We went from expecting 8 inches to no inches. That. Is. Awesome.

We haven’t recorded a single smidge of rain at our weather station.

Since we have until November … we will be holding on to the emergency non-perishables until the end of the season. Better safe than sorry. I firmly believe that we should always have a few weeks worth of 911 food … as I’ve always said, being from earthquake country and is now starting to feel like hurricaneville which is just exhaustion talking, it’s best to always be ready for anything. This is the towns slow season … so it’s also a good idea to keep a stockpile of canned whatever, just in case … I hesitate to finish the thought in writing. Instead, I will say, with all of the worlds changes in every way imaginable… always be ready for anything, including the what used to be a metaphor… a rainy day.

If you are prepared for the worst weather wise … it does help lesson the stress. A little.

Let’s see what Norma is up to, shall we?

I know it’s hurricane season until November but late season storms are rare so I am looking forward to October.

We are still a fishing village 😊. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces return for the Bisbee when the town goes from ghost like September to alive and thriving.

For all really important updates, please visit the only source to trust, the National Hurricane Center http://www.nhc.noaa.gov


5-day outlook


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