TS Bud to become 2nd Hurricane soon’ish

I’m so over WordPress on my iPad. I wrote this … this morning and it still hasn’t “published”. I’m not re-writing it nor changing the title however, Bud is now a Hurricane. Track hasn’t changed much so the graphics can stay and the arrival time will change some, so … whatever. Grrrrr WordPress! Grrrrrrr! ~6:30 something pm

We are in the cone. As we all know, the cone (or circles) gives a large margin of error on exactly where the storms center will be during the forecast which can and often changes with each update so pleeeeeease keep an eye on this storm!

This is the current info as of 9’ish am Sunday morning. I’m slooooooowly and calmly getting ready. How does one get ready for even just a tropical storm? First thing most people that have lived here long enough do, is wash all of their laundry. Don’t do that! Unless you have an endless supply of water and a huuuuuuge water storage tank, that’s just silly. Why? Um …. because you won’t have water during or after the storm because we’ve been experiencing a drought … unless you have a desal plant. Instead, consider dropping it off at a lavandería and they can make a little extra money and you get to concentrate on other things, like buying food and water and cleaning up your yard so you aren’t “that neighbor” whose flower pots end up in someone’s living room. Lightweight items will fly around in a tropical storm. Heck, we came home from work after a windy afternoon (it had been calm in the morning) to find an umbrella smashed into a window in March. It was almost tragic. (Our umbrella suffered a broken arm) Thankfully we have impact glass. 😊


As far as what you’ll need? That’s up to you. Over the years I know I’ve given suggested shopping lists but I don’t think people cook that way so a few pounds of flour seems silly. A week or two of food and water you know your family and pets will eat that is non-perishable should hold you over for the season if we don’t get serious weather this next week. Again, prepare as if we are. That way, if you tap into your reserves … you can just restock it next time you shop. Why two weeks worth? I know, that seems like a lot but it’s a safe bet. I’ve said it before … it’s always better to be over prepped. I’ll get into this more mañana … it’s not that we are anticipating a catastrophe. One just never knows what to expect. Nada mas.

Have you tested your generator yet? Changed the oil? Have extra oil and filters on hand?

Even if we don’t end up needing any of it this next week, it never ever hurts to be prepped.

So let’s get to it.

Link the the NHC https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac

More detailed update mañana

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