Bud – Major Hurricane Cat 3

MAJOR Hurricane Bud … may strengthen even more … Since before the 9am NHC update, Bud has had max sustained winds of about 120 miles per hour (195 km) … and regardless of how strong he will get the pro’s anticipate rapid decrease in his muscles.  Some think Bud will go all the way to a 4 and as you can see from the first graphic (below) what kind of winds those are. Still, our local water isn’t warm enough to make a hurricane and shouldn’t be able to sustain one which is in part, why the rapid weakening before it gets close to Los Cabos/Baja … let us all pray Bud just poofs himself out.  It’d be awesome if he dissipates (not a prediction).



The projected track has shifted a bit to the west but we are still in the margin of error forecast.  I am not a fan of even tropical storm winds … makes a mess.  One of the biggest concerns are the abandoned properties around town since Lidia and we are all wondering just how much rain we will get.  That forecast will change all day every day and we truly will not know until it’s over.  Remember, as an example – those plastic outdoor chairs start getting tossed around at 35 mph … so please bring everything inside! Don’t be “that” neighbor” as it could not only cause damage or injury to you and yours but also your next door neighbor or the one down the street.




It’s not funny … but I just read a newsletter/blog spot for my community that should have been emailed to me but wasn’t – I had to wonder if they would post something on their site and they kinda did but the info is wrong or at least the part I could read as when I went to click “read more” I got an error LOL but whatever … Bud hasn’t been at 80 mph since well before 9pm last night when it was already a Cat 2 at over 92 mph – PEOPLE, please get your info right. Jeez. And nooooo … I will not disclose which community site that was on.  At least they are trying to alert us! (little edit … I did finally get the email)

Anyyyyyyyways.  One big concern is also the waves along the shore.  We are already experiencing 2-3 meters swells and by tomorrow we might see up to 4 meters, and by the time the storm gets here 6-8 meters.



So I’m throwing up Robin’s symbol.  I don’t want to use Batman yet. I’ll save Batman for hurricane landfalls.



Not that it matters to you all but I’ve got a pretty bad headache this morning and I do have a day job – I may not give timely updates so please follow the advice of your local weather people (that isn’t me … I’m just Jenn) and monitor Bud using the NHC https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/#Bud … keeps tabs also using your preferred weather site or app and remember they are all wrong but they at least have fancy equipment to monitor these things.

Civil protection is … I’ll quote Claudia’s translation: “From Civil Protection in Los Los Cabos. We are in Green Alert.  Trim trees. Clean roof tops and secure loose item. Protect doors and windows. Buy groceries. Fill fuel tanks. Learn shelter locations.”



Okay … signing off before I loose internet as per usual in the afternoons at the office.  No spelling or grammar checking today and who cares about all that when we’ve got a storm to get ready for 🙂 xoxo ~ Jenn

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