Bud – tropical storm watch issued

I wasn’t kidding earlier about the rapid weakening. 😊 Cat 1 as Bud moved over cooler waters … without 82f waters, there isn’t fuel. It was like opening the oven while trying to bake a cake, and leaving it open. I still maintain it’s best to be totally prepped to deal with up to 70mph winds and rain … IJS … will we get that? Probably not but expect the unexpected to be on the safe side.

We are however under tropical storm watch. This means tropical storm conditions are likely within 48 hours.


So basically … whatever is gonna happen is supposed to happen on Thursday …. rain fall amounts keep changing but whether we get an inch or five downtown won’t be fun as water flows towards to marina towards the ocean. This was covered a bit last night using an older blog post to explain a bit. Please heed the warning about flash floods if you are here Thursday driving around … I know many will be very content to find a bar and chill under a palapa. I’ll be working and mopping and working and mopping … petting the cats to assure them their fur will be fine.

The cats also aren’t very fond of the sound the wind makes … it should be over before they know it and we can all get back to our regularly scheduled program of warm sun filled days. There is nothing of interest headed our way after Bud for the next few weeks (at this time)

All other warning about tide and large swells still in effect for the next few days.

Next official update will be at 3am. I’ll hopefully be sleeping but if you aren’t … please refer to the NHC as your primary source of info (always) https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/#Bud

Have a great night everyone!


Just Jenn

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