Cat 3 Bud Weakening Rapidly

Sorry for the delay in updating but there hasn’t been much change in Bud’s forecast.  Well, actually not true.  Overnight Bud in fact, as many thought it might, strengthened to a Cat 4 and it would have been sensationalist of me to update pre-9am info as I was feeling pretty confident it would downgrade back down to a Cat 3 – which it did … and it still remains a cat 3 hurricane as of the 3pm official update.  Bud has however, slowed down in forward movement so once again his approach time has changed a bit.

I did a mini update last night before falling on my face


However, Bud IS weakening rapidly according to the NHC (yay!)


The NHC is issuing an advisory that Southern Baja (that’s us) should monitor the storm.  Okay.  Thanks.  We will …

We are seeing a forecast for 4 inches of rain on Thursday … of course we are all paying attention! Wind speeds will vary and as we all know, no one knows truly how much rain and how strong the winds will be until it’s already happened

Regardless of Bud weakening, he is still expected to approach us as a Tropical Storm and we are still in their margin of error to have Bud make landfall if not Los Cabos, than close enough that we are seeing some wind and rain.  That has been consistent throughout the forecast.

Coastal advisories on insanely high seas still in effect and many are starting to see the sets roll in and yeah, they are going to get much much bigger.   OH!  I almost forgot!  Medano beach is RED FLAGGED!  It’s NOT SAFE to be along the shore.

Pick a webcam …

My only prediction is a no brainer.  The port will be closed Thursday. I can say this without confirmation. Heck … it might even close tomorrow.

Current weather conditions … partly cloudy/overcast to cloudy depending on your exact location in Los Cabos, hot, and muggy.

Okay … that’s all I’ve got for now.


Just Jenn

(please refer to the NHC directly for accurate info you really don’t want to take anyone’s word for anything if they don’t have a diploma in the subject behind their head on the wall in a frame as they type this stuff … even if the pro’s get it wrong sometimes)

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