Bud is almost officially here

Yep, the center is getting closer. 47 miles from us moving at about 6mph

And ya’ll were thinking it was almost over. Okay not all of you but I’ve read a few FB posts.


Home weather station has been all over the place. We’ve maxed out – and by we I mean my personal weather station hasn’t experienced stronger at this time – not long ago at over 40mph gusts but that wasn’t the case when I took the pic below. The navy has reported gusts of near 70mph but it’s all relevant to location and altitude. There is another weather station nearby with less rain than us.

As you can see, we have not had toooo much rain yet but I know others are reporting 2 inches. I’d like to remind everyone that just a little rain can be devastating in some areas. Stay off the roads!

Not much to report, really. Large surf along the coast, streets filled with rain water and “other” water … there have been accidents as people are out driving though civil protection has asked everyone to stay home and have requested businesses close. I hope there have been no fatalities ☹️

I’m making a lasagna … I hope everyone else is able to be hope safe with their families too.

Think I’ll read a book.

As I see things of interest I’ll continue to share when possible on the FB page but please, don’t listen to me … go to the NHC and official agencies for information https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPEP3+shtml/142100.shtml




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