What kinda cloud is this?

No … seriously … kinda reminds me of one of those movies where clouds roll in and hidden inside are space ships. Image was taken on the 15th



So Bud … at least for me, was really boring other than a little teeeeeny complaint that I got on FB for my poor “reporting” when I started uploading short video’s from my location.  It should be noted, that I am physically at the marina for each and every storm we’ve had for at least 14 years.  I work in the marina.  I am kinda obligated to be open for business until we absolutely have to close shop. For someone to pick apart my short clip of what it’s like for those on the marina … pfffft I. Am. Not. A. Reporter.  I. Am. Not. A. Storm. Chaser.  I babble about weather from my perspective.  I don’t share scenic pics from the house because – privacy.

The Naval weather station is located in an interesting location.  We are practically next door to each other and while they had what was it?  Nearly 70 mph gusts, mine was only getting at its worst, 40 and when Bud was closest to us, note, the eye never passed over us it just seemed like it, we had NO WIND.  It was really … odd.  Also, I personally only received just over an inch of rain while others near San Jose were reporting 4-6 inches.

I did look to see other pages and such to see after pics but it was like, a ghost town on the net.  No one really shared anything other than an awesome video of some friends that hitched a ride in the back of a police truck. So, if you have any thing to add to Bud, please do share it.


Anywhoooo, the E. Pac Ocean had two storms since Bud and neither posed any threat to Baja.  However, I would like to point out the 5 day outlook for possible systems that also, should not threaten Baja



In a bit when I’m on a tablet … I’ll screen shot and come back and edit this to add the two popular computer models … the GFS kinda reminds me of 2014 while the Euro is showing way less activity. It will be interesting to see which one is more on the money.  I meant what I said on FB.  I need(ed) a break from posting weather updates on FB.  It’s become such a hateful place.  Living with storms is stressful enough.  Hopefully there won’t be anything soon to babble about but if there is something FB worthy, I’ll share it there too.

So back to the first image … is the cloud interesting enough for FB?


Happy Taco Tuesday.



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  1. I really appreciate all your efforts to keep us informed. I’m in the states for the summer and like to get all perspectives.
    Thank you

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