2019 Storm Names and super early predictions? What?

UPDATE April 8th. The Website updated their entry and is no longer claiming how many storms we will get in the 2019 season. It was maybe, a serious “typo” … it happens, I suppose.  I think what they were trying to say, was that there were 24 names., realized their error, and have since corrected the body of the article, but the title is still the same.

“24 hurricanes are expected for this season in the Pacific Ocean; two would be large-scale”

Still … It caused a lot of panic from people I know that read it the first time. End Edit.


So, I was on Facebook this morning, a site I’ve been trying to stay off of, and saw someone share an article predicting that this season we’d (the east pacific, not Los Cabos) 24 storms? This data is alleged to have come from the National Hurricane Season. I have been on and off of that site scouring the internet for early data for a week or so, and have seen no such declarations from the NHC. If you can find a link to that information, considering they usually do not put out numbers until OUR season starts, please share it with me because until I see if with my own eyes, I call #fakenews and sensationalism to get readers otherwise.


Here is the link to the article  https://noticiaslapaz.com/2019/03/25/se-esperan-24-huracanes-para-esta-temporada-en-el-oceano-pacifico-dos-serian-de-gran-escala/?fbclid=IwAR1D_4jruxyBBry7XkG1gPt6nVhs_tYKWhrjheo-u7P1esqIDdZZ7vTV5k4

of course that was in a translated version so if it doesn’t work for you, try this one https://noticiaslapaz.com/2019/03/25/se-esperan-24-huracanes-para-esta-temporada-en-el-oceano-pacifico-dos-serian-de-gran-escala/?fbclid=IwAR0bn4tx6LpJ6aebE4i4saSE__Rj3slW1ho5yPcbIkLDQQdq_ex1mNnMijI


And since I am behind everyone else in announcing the names of this years possible storms, here they are.

  • Alvin (unused)
  • Barbara (unused)
  • Cosme (unused)
  • Dalila (unused)
  • Erick (unused)
  • Flossie (unused)
  • Gil (unused)
  • Henriette (unused)
  • Ivo (unused)
  • Juliette (unused)
  • Kiko (unused)
  • Lorena (unused)
  • Mario (unused)
  • Narda (unused)
  • Octave (unused)
  • Priscilla (unused)
  • Raymond (unused)
  • Sonia (unused)
  • Tico (unused)
  • Velma (unused)
  • Wallis (unused)
  • Xina (unused)
  • York (unused)
  • Zelda (unused)


Let’s not get overly excited about articles we read on the internet.  It’s just too early anyways and how often do they get it right? ha


Have a great one,

Just Jenn


(seriously, if you happen to see anything from the NHC that maybe I’ve missed … please send me the link)

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