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With all of this downtime, many have picked up a fun and sometimes challenging way to pass the time.  Some are puzzle addicts, many have not put together a puzzle since they were a kid, and it’s a great activity to do WITH your kids.

Over the last few days I’ve seen countless pictures on the internet from friends and family that are doing jigsaw puzzles.

LOOK –  what I stumbled upon? It’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for pretty much every person I know! Click the link below in blue to get yours! 😊

The Famous Arch In Cabo San Lucas Jigsaw Puzzle IKR????  👀

The Famous Arch In Cabo San Lucas Jigsaw Puzzle

I know being in Cabo (#cabostrong) and the whole place is shut down (like the rest of the world) is a hard pill to swallow as the authorities have put very strict closure orders in place not just for us, but for when you return as well-meaning, they are doing their best to ensure Cabo is a healthy clean place. They don’t want us sick, and no one wants you to get sick.

But how cool is this puzzle?  You literally get to piece Cabo back together!  Or at least the famous El Arco in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. 😁

Anywhoo … that website I linked above has a LOT of really awesome stuff. From Face Masks

to … I know, Mother’s Day is coming up … personalized
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I think I just fell in love with this site!

Last week, we changed the formatting for Live Cabo Radio.  Yep, became a Country Music station.  Will we stay a country station?  We aren’t sure, but our listener count has dramatically increased.  Even those that are not “into” country music can agree, the lyrical content is appropriate for most ages in that there are no swear words for little ears to pick up on.  For the most part, it’s pretty easy listening for “most”.

Tune in to Live Cabo Radio via the desktop player on the website to enjoy some easy on the ears music while enjoying some much needed quiet time (I think we are all kinda over that part) or with your loved ones while piece by piece, we get put back together again.  What can I say?  I’m optimistic! Not just for us, but everywhere. 💜

Also available on Alexa, Tune-In Radio, and of course Live365 apps. (If you are tuning in from Mexico/Canada, please use https://tunein.com/radio/Live-Cabo-Radio-s154400/)


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