MASKS – If we HAVE to wear them, they should be fun!

Nobody wants to wear masks. However, as long as they are in our lives and there are times we might have to wear one (your flight to Cabo, for example) why not wear ones that make you less unhappy about wearing them? I can just see it now … when the first planes arrive for Cabo’s soft opening the whole plane filled with everyone wearing Taco Masks! LOL Loooooove it!

Tacos, Tequila, Cats, Art, Fun Patterns, Floral Designs heck, you can even have some customized for you and your loved ones but since it yesterday was #TacoTuesday … I snagged a few pictures.

Oh, I should note that Not always, but sometimes This site contains links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

If wearing masks is bumming you out or you are happy to do your part but are tired with fiddling with the ones you made with a scarf … check out this link Face Masks

Use the search feature on the top left side of the page and type in taco or tequila, anything you might like including butterflies kittens unicorns … and check them out. Read the product descriptions to see if they are right for you and your loved ones. They even have a 15% off sale code

I personally have not tried these masks, but so far the reviews look promising from their website which you will see when you scroll through them looking for one that is “you” “Nicely done mask! Fits well and is sewn neatly.” “The printing is sharp and vivid; matches the image shown on the site.”

They are not n95’s nor are they surgical masks, but the larger ones are 100% poly and the smaller ones are 100% two-layer cotton masks but are “intended for general, everyday use while out in public when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

Also, I’m really not a fan of being the concept that some are saying that masks might become a permanent part of our lives. At all. In my day job many of my customers require N95’s to do their job but to walk down the street? Just putting that out there … there is no reason to debate it because here I am, showing you masks that are kinda fun.  I had actually written this blog feeling silly saying hey, at least we can express ourselves, and then I read an article from a well-known paper that used the same expression while it seemed, to at least, they were trying to normalize them as if … they will be a thing we will forever have to wear.  It really didn’t sit well with me. A lot of people, actually. Is this our new normal? le sigh I just want to see people smile again.  In-person. and … dare I say, hugs? 

In any event, that article had one thing right … we’d all need about two weeks’ worth according to that M. S. N. article.  At least the link above I included as them on sale.  Who doesn’t love a sale?  

Speaking of sales, Zazzle also has coupon codes which I think includes that awesome El Arco Puzzle I told you about the other day. 

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Happy Shopping! xoxo 

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