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UPDATING IS ON HOLD. Soft opening not exactly happening as planned. Please contact your resort to see if it effects your upcoming trip.





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What you need to know as of Saturday May 9th 2020.

Soft opening dates are … fluid.  This is a total work in progress and we are waiting for some additional official announcements from the government Sunday the 10th of May.

It is the understanding that resorts with Time Share will be the first to open for the owners in a soft opening, but some of the beloved hotels are also opening soon and their dates are added as they come to me. The current list below is only a portion of our resorts and I hope the have the full list published by Wednesday.

Now, this is presuming nothing changes. Let’s start with current info for resorts which will be updated as new information emerges so please check back for edits as this list is also not complete.  At all.   There are so many resorts and hotels to add. This list will take a while so I’m posting a bit early I suppose.  (I will add a “last edited” date to the top of this page so you can see if there have been changes since your last visit to this page) Verification has come from reading through their comments to guests on FB. You of course will want to contact them directly.

Oh, I should note that Not always, but sometimes This site contains links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. (does not apply to hotels and resorts … I’m doing this blog because I WANT to) Like this really cool Jigsaw Puzzle. There is a link below the image if you are interested in puzzles.

The Famous Arch In Cabo San Lucas Jigsaw Puzzle

Hotels & Resorts Cabo San Lucas – Click on the resort name and it will redirect you to their FB. Dates have been added based on replies the resort has made in comments to guests if I can find responses even if “tentative”:

Hotels & Resorts Corridor 

Hotels & Resorts San Jose del Cabo

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Many if not all airlines may require that you wear Face Masks to fly. I recently read that each person would probably do well to have at 14 masks (in general) especially if you are using the washable kind. Just like the USA, we do have to wear them here for things like shopping in the markets (no one knows ho long this will last and nobody knows what the coming weeks will bring but as of yesterday Friday the 8th of May, our curve appears to have flattened)

So … I did find a website that has at the least some cute designs from tacos, to kitties, art, sports, you name it they have it or they can customize them for you.  The underlined bold link will take you to the website that is currently offfering a 15% discount! Face Masks” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>FACE MASK SALE HERE

While I work to complete this resort and hotel list, a friend uploaded a few images on FB that shows some of the hotels etc that are opening.

Some measures being taken at many resorts to make people feel more at ease regarding health and sanitation. It is an example. Your resort may have different guidelines.

“SOME OF THE NEW STANDARDS OF almost every resort that has sent emails to timeshare owners:

Standards of Cleanliness:

. Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in strategic locations throughout the resorts such as the front desk, restaurant entrances, and all other public areas.

. Cleaning and disinfection protocols that use certified sanitization products have been implemented and are focused on high-touch areas.

. In addition, a comprehensive, general sanitization by a certified third party will be performed prior to reopening, as well as afterward on a periodic basis, according to the recommendations of health authorities.

Upon arrival:

. Suitcase sanitization (external) in steam cabin or with sanitizing product or special device

. Guest sanitization cabin, and infrared digital thermometers for temperature check. Guests with temperatures over 38° C/100.4° F will be checked by a doctor and may not be allowed access.

. Mobile pre-check-in available

Room Amenities:

. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray as part of in-room amenities; masks and gloves available on request.

. Paper amenities, pens, and magazines will be removed from rooms (available on request).

Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene & Health:

. Maximum of 2 persons in elevators, excepting family members

. Furniture in public areas will be rearranged per social distancing guidelines (minimum of 1.80 meters/6 feet).

Pool, Spa & Fitness Areas:

. Loungers in pool areas will be set in groups of 2 or 4, which will then be separated by distances of 1.80 meters/6 feet

. Sanitization of equipment in Fitness Centers as well as in wet areas in Spa after each use

. Maximum capacity set for Fitness Center and maximum capacity reduced for Spa

Food and Beverage:

. Furniture will be rearranged in restaurants and bars (1.80 meters/6 feet) and maximum capacities will be established, per social distancing guidelines

. Social distancing reminders on all tables

. Use of masks by food and beverage staff

. Contactless room service available

. Menus will be available on mobile devices and physical menus will be removed.

Probably Most Golf Courses:

. Sanitization of golf carts and balls before and after use.

. Maximum capacities established for reception and practice areas

. Intervals between tee times increased to 15 minutes

. One golf cart per person, unless otherwise requested by family members

. New rules established to limit touch points during play (example: flagsticks to remain in the hole, bunker rakes to be removed, etc.)

In case COVID-19 cases are detected, the following procedures are in place:

. An on-site detection team, comprised of a physician, the general manager, operations manager and head of security, in coordination with health authorities, has been created.

. Protocol has also been established to handle the situation should a potential case of COVID-19 be detected.

. 24/7 medical service available

Destination Protocols:

Enhanced procedures will be implemented at the SJD International Airport, including thermal cameras and travel background checks on all arriving passengers. The destination is also being certified by a program overseen by the Ministry of Health, which includes new standards for restaurants, hotels, water sports and touristic activities.”

So, as you can see, Cabo San Lucas is taking your health should you decide to travel at this time very seriously.  We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as you are able.  

Now if only it would be so easy to get into on the restaurants and bars LOL That, is another post as will be airline information.  I hope to be able to put together a list of activy companies as well …


I Love Cabo FaceMask

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