NOW at Level 3 … Cabo Re-Opening Stop Light Activties By Color

UPDATE: Friday, October the 2nd 2020

YELLOW LEVEL 3! Just two days ago I was told this would go into effect on the 11th thanks to inside intel BUT YAY for a change of plans – it goes into effect this coming Monday the 5th (so I was naturally shocked to see the announcement from our governor today)! A week early! YAY! We can go to the gym now! 🥺 (I don’t want to go to the gym) 

So what does this mean?  If you are coming here on vacation, this will not impact you much, other than restaurants and bars may now have 50% capacity vs 40% of THEIR max capacity.

I will spare you from scrolling through and copy/paste what Yellow Level 3 means to the top of this page. 

YELLOW LEVEL 3 Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 3 m²  at 50% capacity.  The list below may include some businesses that were not deemed essential that were not allowed to open or open business as usual with restrictions (like not being able to try on shoes). 

Food markets and/or retail of new items (I know, confusing because was used was okay?)
Gymnasiums and sports centers of the public or private sector type
Manufacture and sale of articles of pottery, porcelain, and glass 
Visit pantheons
Retail trade of skating articles and accessories
Bicycle and/or skate rental
Modeling Agency
Musicians and singers not at concerts or parties
Conducting opinion surveys and studies

Recreational and socio-cultural activities
Sports courts 
Public and private sports clubs 
Group physical activity outdoors – Maximum 10 people per group
Sports tournaments without public (ME:this is sad for those who like to watch tournament weigh-ins)
Art clubs and workshops 

ALSO – Restaurants may now stay open until 12AM. 

I am sure I am missing some info but will publish this updated blog anyways because it is breaking news. You still have to wear masks, use hand sanitizer (you are totally allowed to use your own), and use the special “shoe mat sanitizer” to wipe your feet when entering an establishment.  We will see if markets will still have to enforce the one person per family rule.  As an example, Costco as of today still has only permitted people with a membership card (no children or other family members). 



UPDATE: Friday, August 28th 2020

Beginning Monday the 31st of August we are moving ahead to LEVEL 4 YAY!

It’s down below but to save you from scrolling I’ll just add it up here on top as well. 😊

ORANGE’ish LEVEL 4 – Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 3.5 m²  at 40% capacity. 

Car wash establishments, furniture, etc. 4  
Tourist activity agencies 4  
Beauty salons 4  
Furniture, appliances and the like 4  
Electronic stores 4  
Jewelers 4  
Trade – in perfumery and cosmetics 4  
Retail trade of toys 4  
Retail trade of video games 4  
Shoe repair 4  
Retail trade of cell phone accessories 4  

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Religious and worship activities 4

End update on current stop light status 😁_____________________________________________________________________________


Newest Update: We are at level 5 and have been for several weeks (updated July 17th, 2020) 


*EDIT/UPDATE: Ahead of schedule, the governor has announced that we will open Monday the 15th at ORANGE Level 5, with another announcement at 7pm Cabo time.*

Recently, the government of Mexico released a traffic light system to slowly re-open the country. If this new system confuses you, it kinda confuses everyone! 😁 All we know for sure is that we are anticipating an announcement from our governor on the 15th of June to announce what color we will be. Just to reiterate what many of you already know, is that many restaurants are currently open for take-out/delivery service and that some resorts have already opened their doors to fractional owners.

Let’s see how I do! So I tried to copy/paste the graph’s put out by the government on the stoplight system for the different phases on re-opening well, Mexico. You can also use the link below and if you are Spanish Impaired, use a translation app or website.

NOTE: It has also been noted by local news outlets that each state may do things a little differently. It’s so confusing. I guess we will all learn more on Monday but for now … 

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 2.35.36 PM


This is where we are NOW which sadly is RED 🙁 , followed by where we hope to be next week at the very least, Orange level 5.

RED Level 6 – Essential Activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 5 m²  at 20% capacity. 

All of the medical branch 6  
Paramedics 6  
Health support service 6  
Supply for health services 6  
Medical 6  
Hospitals 6  
Laboratories 6  
Veterinary 6  
Materials and products necessary for the healthcare chain 6  
Medical devices and equipment 6  
Cleaning services and supplies 6  
Sanitization 6  
Laundries 6  
Dry cleaners 6  
Fumigation 6  
Preventive or corrective maintenance and repair of equipment and infrastructure 6  
Pharmacy 6  
Technologies for health care 6  
Proper disposal of bio-infectious hazardous waste 6  
Funeral and burial services, among others essential to keep the provision of health services in optimal conditions 6  
Agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and fishing activities (except sports and recreation) 6  
Agroindustrial 6  
Forage and grains 6  
Prepared food and drinks 6  
Groceries 6  
Supermarkets 6  
Self-service and departmental stores 6  
Clothing stores and shoe stores 6  
Supply markets 6  
Miscellaneous 6  
Bread making and selling 6  
Manufacture and sale of tortillas 6  
Storage and cold chain services 6  
Chemical industry 6  
The manufacturing industry of essential items for health services 6  
Cleaning products 6  
Cafeteria, restaurants, inns, loncherías, and kitchens, when it comes to room service, home delivery or take away 6  
Public and private transportation 6  
Transportation of goods and services 6  
Fuel sales (gas, gasoline, and diesel) 6  
Banking and financial services 6  
Telephone, radio and television and internet services 6  
Press and media 6  
Shelters for day laborers, homeless people and the like 6  
Childcare or child care centers 6  
Addiction treatment centers 6  
Asylums and stays for the elderly 6  
Shelters and care centers for women victims of violence 6  
Private security, alarm, and monitoring 6  
Notaries and public brokerages 6  
Hairdressers 6  
Mechanical workshops (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats) 6  
Llanteras 6  
Automotive parts stores 6  
 Hardware stores and hardware stores 6  
Car lessors 6  
Hospitality and lodging in support of essential activities 6 Capacity 20%
The needs for the production and distribution of essential services such as drinking water, drainage and sanitation, electrical energy, cleaning service, transportation, and final disposal of solid waste. 6  
Building 6  
Mining 6  
Complementary construction and mining services 6  
Government public service 6  
Locksmith 6  
Travel agency 6  
New motor vehicle sales services 6  
Shoe shop service 6  
Elaboration and sale of regional products and crafts 6

This is what we are at a minimum, hoping for next week.

ORANGE LEVEL 5 Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 4 m²  at 30% capacity. 

Full-service restaurants (including restaurants and beverage services in timeshare accommodation). 5  
Dining services for companies and institutions 5  
Restaurants with a la carte or regular food preparation service and modified self-service 5  
Real estate 5  
Transportation vehicle sales agencies 5  
Retail trade of naturist products 5  
Retail trade of glassware, earthenware and kitchen utensils 5  
Retail trade of computer furniture, equipment, and accessories 5  
Retail trade of glass for automobiles and trucks 5  
Hotels, motels, timeshares, and other lodging services, including services provided within the property 5 Capacity
Sportfishing 5 Capacity
Rental of washing machines and household items 5 N / A

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Beaches 5  
Parks 5  
Individual physical activity 5 N / A
Vehicular traffic boardwalk of the City of La Paz 5


YELLOW LEVEL 4 – Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 3.5 m²  at 40% capacity. 

Car wash establishments, furniture, etc. 4  
Tourist activity agencies 4  
Beauty salons 4  
Furniture, appliances and the like 4  
Electronic stores 4  
Jewelers 4  
Trade – in perfumery and cosmetics 4  
Retail trade of toys 4  
Retail trade of video games 4  
Shoe repair 4  
Retail trade of cell phone accessories 4  

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Religious and worship activities 4

and then

YELLOW LEVEL 3 Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 3 m²  at 50% capacity. 

Tianguis 3  
Public or private sector gyms 3  
Manufacture and sale of pottery, porcelain and glass items 3  
Florists 3  
Gift shops 3  
Stationery 3  
Retail trade of haberdashery and bonnet articles 3  
Printing and similar workshops 3  
Manufacture and sale of textiles 3  
Tailors, sewing workshops and the like 3  
Visit to pantheons 3  
Retail trade of sporting goods and apparatus 3  
Retail trade of hats 3  
Retail trade of fishing articles 3  

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Recreational pedestrian opening of the boardwalk in La Paz 3  
Sports fields 3  
Public and private social and sports clubs 3  
Boat rides 3  
Recreational fishing 3  
Group physical activation 3 Maximum 10 people per group

and then


Yellow Level 2 – Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 2.5 m²  at 70% capacity. 

Bookstores 2  
Libraries 2  
Internet cafe 2  
Retail trade of magazines and newspapers 2  
Retail sale of skating articles and accessories 2  
Sale of lottery tickets, sports forecasts, and other raffle tickets 2  

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Movie theaters 2  
Theaters 2  
Horseback riding 2 Maximum 15 people per group
Group physical activation 2 Maximum 15 people per group


GREEN Level 1 – Non-essential economic activities

The requirements are as follows.  1 person per 2 m²  at “new normal” capacity. 

Public and private schools of preschool, primary, secondary, terminal technical, upper secondary and higher education and the like one  
Art, sports, language, and similar schools one  
Rental without the intermediation of rooms for parties and conventions one  
Billiards one  
Nightclubs, discos and the like one  
Bars, canteens and the like one  
Recreation rooms, electronic games, video games and the like one  
Spa service, massages, and the like one  
Retail trade of musical instruments one  
Retail trade of lingerie and sex toys one  
Equipment rental for parties and social events one  
Furniture rental for parties one  
Bicycle and / or skate rental one  
Jumper and inflatable rental service one  
Photo studio; video recording one  
Event and annex organization services one  
Casinos one  

Recreational and socio-cultural activities

Day houses one  
Stadiums one  
Shows and sports tournaments   one  
Car races    one  
Horse races   one  
Concerts   one  
Pilgrimages   one  
Verbenas  one  
Gears   one  
Conventions   one  
Rallies  one  
Fairs    one  
Parties (weddings, quinceañeras, etc)  one  
Public recreational meetings  one

Okay, there we have it. The order of what TPTB have decided things will open and at what capacity. Los Cabos is slowly re-opening and we all look forward to seeing you soon!


  1. Just to be clear, one resort, the Villa del Arco, has opened to timeshare guests from both the VDA and Villa del Palmar. The Villa la Estancia, of course, has been open to full and fractional owners. Oh, sit down restaurants are also open at the two Villa properties. Apparently the only ones in Los Cabos.

      1. I really don’t get how that is happening. I can’t believe that the restrictions from the state and municipal governments were meant to have 1 timeshare and 2 sit down restaurants open right now when everyone else is closed. Unless of course that particular part of Medano Beach has some unique atmospheric conditions that disperse coronavirus carrying particles better than any other place in Los Cabos. This strikes me as just as much of a violation of the restrictions as all the shops in town that have gotten fined. But then, what do I know?

      2. It is very difficult to answer without knowing what agreements they have with the local officials. I do recall, that when they closed the resorts, they had said a few would be allowed to receive very few guests that were considered essential travelers that would assist the region with the situation. I personally never inquired at to which facilities were used as it did not affect me.

        I will quote the governor directly from his Facebook from a recent post, “Tourism is one of the activities most affected by the #COVID19pandemic; hence the importance of reactivating the sector, ensuring the health of tourists and workers.
        In #BCS we already took the first step: we received the certificate from the World Travel & Tourism Council as a safe destination. In addition, we work on the methodology ′′ Punto Limpio ′′ developed by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, which promotes hygienic quality practices by companies in the branch.”

        I suppose, that those that gave the certification traveled here and also required lodging and all that it entailed. They (and others) may also have been part of a test run of sorts. Naturally, I am making presumptions.

        I am just going with the flow … with the hope that next week we will have more clarity.

      3. The people that are staying at the VDA and VDP are tourist timeshare owners, not part of any essential activity. I also wondered about perhaps some special dispensation being offered to certain places, maybe to evaluate sanitation procedures or something like that, so I reached out to contacts at the Villa property to see if that might be the case (or any other potential explanation for that matter). Those contacts, which have always responded to me almost immediately in the past, have not responded in nearly a week. I don’t suspect that they will. I am going to follow up with the Universal Vacation Club, owner of all the Villa group properties to ask for an explanation. Obviously I am really concerned about this or I wouldn’t be asking the questions that I am. I take the response to this pandemic very seriously and even though I am just one person, I am asking questions about business responses here in the US and at those with which I am familiar in Mexico. My future support of those businesses depends on their actions. That’s all I can do as one person.

        Oh and in regard to businesses being fined, I apologize. I was referring to a headline that I INCORRECTLY read in BCS Noticias. I also did not read the story, or I would have caught it. The real story was that 36 businesses in BCS, not Los Cabos, had been “suspended” because of opening when only non-essential businesses were supposed to be open, so fined was incorrect as well. FAKE NEWS on me. Information overload I’m afraid.

      4. I did not include the full quote from the governor. This is the rest, “As chairman of CONAGO_oficial and coordinator of its Tourism Commission, I have promoted dialogue and coordination with the private sector, the federal level, the scientific and medical sector, to ensure the reopening of tourism in a gradual but immediate and successful way.
        I thank Consejo Nacional Empresarial Turístico and Cicotur Anáhuac for the invitation to participate in this important symposium.”

      5. With regards to some of the local businesses downtown being fined, I am personally unaware of what businesses those were. Downtown by the marina, other than pharmacies, all businesses except for a handful of “hardware stores” are closed up very tight except for a few restaurants that have been offering take-out and delivery services.

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