My favorite activity living in Cabo might shock you

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?

Mine? Watching the sunrise in Cabo San Lucas every morning with coffee in hand.

I know it sounds weird considering how many answers I could give you? Cabo San Lucas all the way to San Jose del Cabo and the surrounding areas have so many things to do and see! I pick freshly brewed coffee from the Cabo Coffee Company (not a sponsor I just like their organic coffee in fact, none of the inline links that are in blue even know they are getting “shout-outs”). NOTE: The picture I used for a coffee sunrise picture is not my own but friends that have an amaaaaazing view of lands end.

See? The perfect way to start the day!

I opt to borrow a pic from Bisbee's as not everyone likes seeing people actually catch fish.

Of course, we moved here for fishing as my husband loves to fish. I know many come to the Marlin Capital of the World for sportfishing to catch (and hopefully release) marlin, but there is nothing better than the time at sea and hubs bringing home freshly caught dorado, wahoo, and tuna. We are home to the World Famous Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament for a reason. There are also many fantastic restaurants that offer “you catch it we’ll cook it” as well as using Griselda Smokehouse … again, not a sponsor but a fantastic business run by amazing people!

Many come here to golf. My last count of how many golf courses we have was 18 (funny, 18 holes 18 courses, and counting). I’ve only personally ever been to the Country Club though I have been given a behind-the-scenes tour of Diamante. A quick google search will provide you will many sites giving their suggestions are who they consider our ten best courses. Perhaps one of my readers can make a comment below and offer their favorites! There are so many including world-class to choose from.

These are not considered leisurely to most but … Many who come to Cabo for their vacations opt to do “extreme sports” and while I would not consider ATV adventures (there are many companies that offer that), Camel rides, zip-lining, and some opt for sky diving. Some very much enjoy snorkeling cruises, sunset cruises, city tours, whale watching, the many art galleries, and scuba diving, and I know many love to do things like take cooking classes.

Some come to our little fishing village for the spa’s and we’ve got some great ones and others just want to enjoy our beautiful beaches (NOTE: many are not swimmable).

Cabo San Lucas has so many beautiful beaches.

I’ve left out so many things as Los Cabos truly has something for everyone including its nightlife I have friends that make it a mission to try all of the new as well as old favorite restaurants every time they come to visit. People often disagree about what authentic Mexican food is, but with Mexico being such a large country and each region having its own unique “flavor” as well as traditional cooking methods, it’s a silly argument.

If you want authentic to Baja California Sur, fish tacos. We have everything from pizzerias, and burger places, affordable to high-end seafood and steakhouses, sushi, fusion, and farm to table … some of the favorites are in local neighborhoods vs the tourist zone, and others prefer to dine on the beach or cliffside restaurants. It is literally impossible to recommend something because the options are limitless.

I’ve enjoyed over the many years of living year many of the activities, but my favorite, is doing nothing at all early in the morning with my favorite coffee mug(s) watching the sunrise; from brilliant blue to sunrises that rival our spectacular sunsets. aaaaaand yes, when friends come to town I most certainly enjoy relaxing and doing other things including trying new and upcoming restaurants and cafés. It’s just, while I didn’t share MY view, it IS lovely, especially in the early mornings with a fantastic cup of coffee.

Please leave a comment and tell us all your favorite things to do? I’m counting on at least one of you to point out I forgot to mention live music LOL That is a blog for another day.

Until next time, xoxo

Just Jenn

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