Coffee = Breakfast Wine

It is truly tragic when your coffee maker stops working and you don’t have time to shop. Short blog before I am off the to day job!

About a week and a half ago and working long hours nonstop for weeks my beloved Krups coffee maker decided to call it quits no matter how many times I tried to descale it.

Okay, plan B. I broke out my backup coffee maker that I am usually too rushed to deal with unless it’s an emergency like a sudden power outage, my second love, my French Press. Turns out regular strength organic coffee is absolutely deeeeeelicous in my French Press. Add in about 60-65 grams of course grounds, water that has almost come to a boil (boiled water will make it bitter, follow a few simple steps and within 20 minutes you will have fantastic coffee!

I will continue to use my French Press for Sunday mornings but I NEEDED a coffee maker and realized the mistake I made in picking up a coffee maker that “someone” in the house had put in a request for. A simple one that has a single button … on/off. No frills.

This morning I poured myself a cup of coffee using the Black and Decker (which I am sure makes great coffee makers but this model is not for me) into my brand new coffee cup the said Breakfast Wine thinking I would start Monday morning off with something fun. Yeah … not okay. it was like watered-down coffee.

I am going to try and descale my Krups a few more times because what I picked up in a rush yesterday isn’t going to cut it. If that fails I will be getting a new one.

As a radio station …

There are many ways to “tune-in” and while I am linking desktop links, each has an app available for Android (Google Play) and/or IOS 


Radio Garden at

Streema at


Our official license is via Live365

(Let me know if that link doesn’t work for you)

And Nobex

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