Pre-2023 Hurricane Season Info

It is never too early to talk about hurricane season if you live in an area that gets them! I know that I pretty much only cover the East Pacific hurricane seasons many that follow this blog are affected by the Atlantic season so I will begin with that.


The NHC (National Hurricane Center) may potentially change the beginning date from June 1st (which runs until November 30th) to May 15th which will line up with the East Pacific Hurricane season schedule unless they opt to change that as well because there has been an increase in pre-season storms but they are still on the fence about it. A change in the Atlantic Hurricane season dates hasn’t occurred since about 1964 when the season used to start on June 15th. A team of meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reviewed the same data but has not said if they would follow suit.

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Since NOAA estimates more than 97 percent of tropical cyclone activity happens between the currently designated season dates, this change may not be likely, at least not this year, but that could be outdated information by the time you read this. 🙃

Every time there is a devasting hurricane, a name from the 21-rotated list of names (out of 6 lists) gets retired, so 4 new names have been added. This year’s new names include Harold, Idalia, Margot, and Nigel. Interestingly the retirement practice began in 1954,  and 12 “I” named storms have been removed since then.

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This year, the 21 names are Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harold, Idalia, Jose, Katia, Lee, Margot, Nigel, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince and Whitney.

The NHC might also be implementing some changes to the forecast models. Instead of the 5-day tropical weather outlook, they might use a 7-day outlook, as well as a 6-7 day track aka the cone of concern and intensity forecast for developed cyclones. I have not found mention of changing the two-day color-coded outlook for the possibility of storm development.

See below for an example from a previous 2-day outlook from the East Pacific Ocean.

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The names for the 2023 East Pacific Hurricane season are; Adrian, Beatriz, Calvin, Dora, Eugene, Fernanda, Greg, Hilary, Irwin, Jova, Kenneth, Lidia, Max, Norma, Otis, Pilar, Ramon, Selma, Todd, Veronica, Wiley, Xina, York and Zelda.

Since I mentioned retired names for hurricanes for the Atlantic, these are the names of the ones no longer used for the East Pacific Ocean. Hazel, Adele, Fico, Knut, Iva, Fefa, Ismael, Pauline, Adolf, Kenna, Isis

I’ve been studying the ENSO cycle for this year. Yes, I was up at 6:30 this morning looking at what we might expect for this year waiting on my coffee to brew.

As most who have followed my thoughts on El Nina vs La Nina know … it’s the neutral zone I am most weary of for the region of Los Cabos so I will be keeping a very close eye on this. Hopefully, soon I will finish my chart I’ve been working on for years. HA! Anyways, those graphics above should be updated soon but we are still in La Nina in the ENSO cycle, and anticipate neutral soon.

I will also give a refresher on how La Nina and El Nino affect both the Atlantic Ocean and the East Pacific Ocean soon.


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