Tropical Depression Two, Expected to Become Hurricane Beatriz by Tomorrow

I know it may seem like I’m late in reporting this, however, I am not 100% positive we will see much action if any in Los Cabos with this system. However, I did want to show you one of the new features that the National Hurricane Center has enacted (I may have spoken of this before hurricane season HERE) ALSO, I do not get paid to get this stuff wrong or right so please always refer to the pro’s, aaaand a few minutes after I posted this Beatriz is officially a Tropical Storm with a slight change to her track but not but change in wind/rains we may or may not get.

This is truly a fantastic movement in forward-thinking by the NHC, as even though it is not yet a named storm, they anticipate is rapidly becoming one and are already issuing Tropical Storm Warnings as well as Hurricane Watches in areas that might literally overnight see some serious weather (5-7 inches in some areas highlighted in blue and pink on the graphic above.

As of 10am this morning, the NHC was not sure where the center of the depression is actually located and the next full forecast will not be issued until 4pm I had considered waiting to post this blog until then however, I am seeing a lot of posts on social media and there is a mixture of “YAY! We might get rain!”, to a gloomy, “and so it has begun”) with regards to OUR region in Los Cabos.

So here is the thing, I am fully aware that things can rapidly change, but when I look at the “compare all models” on Windy, I’m not currently seeing rain or perhaps just a few sprinkles and no serious winds. Please see below and be assured I check this several times a day. It is not just for this blog but due to the fact that my home has been catastrophically damaged due to my neighbor’s illegal excavation that has my home utterly destroyed (cracked in half). Please pray for us. Most of you reading this that live here do not have my worries. I’ll tell you about it one day.

The one thing I am MOST certain of is that I’d be extremely cautious along the beaches over the next few days. I’m already seeing some large swells coming ashore near Whaleshead (by the lighthouse, we have more than one lighthouse but this one is not on the Pacific Side). Up to 10 foot waves with larger rouges are serious, mkay? Please be safe. xoxo

Anywhooo, this is the link to follow for updates: … just click on the storm you want to follow.

So all that downplaying aside from the large swells coming to shore, DO keep an eye on almost Beatriz. Just like with Adrian, I may not do a follow-up post on Beatriz unless we really need one. Beatriz could dissipate or she could continue and pass to the south of us or even seriously weaken and get super close to us because as you all know, I am not a fan of fear-mongering. It is WHY I also watch the models for rain/winds.

Buuuuut, yes, I will do some light shopping as I am in need of a few things anyways. We’ve been in a drought for eons and just a little rain will make our roads super slippery. Better to be safe than sorry.



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