Today’s weather and long-term potential weather forecast

This weather update for Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico will be very short and mostly graphics, though I did explain a few things … kinda. I am not feeling up the babbling today as I’m mostly excited to test split screen videos in a blog and get feedback if you’d like me to make vid’s more often!

When we aren’t sure if the day’s weather forecast will be accurate, we most assuredly cannot make assumptions that the long-term forecasts will be accurate. First, let’s look at today!


WOW, that is a large graphic! The weather, not the clickable Orbitz logo 🙃

So anywhoooo, a friend and I were discussing the long-term forecast earlier today and we’ve decided to see which one would be the most accurate as sometimes it’s the ECMWF and sometimes it’s the GFS and sometimes they are both wrong especially this far in advance. So when THIS image from the NHC popped up, it got our attention.

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Since the water is most certainly warm enough to not only sustain storms it is warm enough to create them even locally. It’s nearly September and this is when we as locals start to pay a bit closer attention. Please be kind, I make a super short video with a split screen and it is my first. I will work on the timing next time! The left side of the video is the ECMWF (the euro) and the right side is the GFS. Please keep in mind both computer models update at different times and several times a day and it is WAY too early to get all excited – I’m being informative not freaking out so please don’t panic.

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So this weather update is pretty much it in a nutshell. However, if you feel someone may benefit from short n sweet blog, please share.

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