Will we get tropical storm weather or worse this weekend? Worse? What?!?!?!

That is a most excellent question that not even professionals can answer. #1, the system everyone is worried about hasn’t even formed yet and the computer models (not shockingly) do not agree. #2 … we don’t need a #2.

What we NEED, is to always be prepped in advance of a storm whether or not we will actually get it! If someone is asking where to find something on the interwebs / social media please be helpful by either answering the question(s) or pretty please, don’t reply unless it’s “Sorry bro, I wish I knew”. The answer is to order sandbags online, pantyhose does not work as a sub, and potato sacks “might” work.

I really really really WANT to get into the beefy part of this blog but first, please (best viewed FULL SCREEN on YouTube). It’s my second vid, please be kind but feedback is appreciated xoxo (I had radio up a tad loud). NOTE: This IS a watch to the end vid … it shows two different computer models side by side taken two days apart. (Next time I will re-do the audio even if just because the background music was too loud). People are only watching the 1st half and freaking out.


So yeah …. regarding the above vid, The Euro was on the left and the GFS on the right and I uploaded two different days. One was recorded on Saturday and one just a bit ago this lovely Monday afternoon in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico. I REALLY hope you watch the video but really the biggest difference is that the intensity for one of the computer models changed which does matter.

kay so the thing is, I didn’t want to actually dooooo this blog update. It’s just toooo soon!!!! I’m just getting a lot of PM’s so this is a rush job. #sorry. I will tell you, I did the yard work to ensure I am a good neighbor, because you know, having someone’s stuff fly into your home because they didn’t is just rude.

Hopefully, by tomorrow we will have a much clearer idea of what this weekend’s system that hasn’t exactly formed yet may or may not do.

I know this is super short but it just feels … under pressure and fake. I don’t do fake! ❤️ I’m legit doing an inventory on my non-perishables just to be on the safe side

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Now let us take a look at how the season has progressed so far. Depending on who you ask, we are looking at anywhere from 16-22 named storms (to date we’ve had 4 regardless of strength). 9-11 named storms from Tropical Depressions to Tropical Storms (1 depression without a name so far), 4-6 Hurricanes category 1-2 (we’ve had 2), and 3-5 Major Hurricanes category 3 or higher (we are up to 3 major storms including Fernando that is no threat to us here but went from Tropical Storm who holy moly in a blink of an eye). Also, my lovely email subscribers, I may edit this later if I see a typo or several.

I’ll hopefully one day get into Dora because wow she traveled far and Greg who just formed but be soon considered central Pacific) I may not because this is not a climate change or an ENSO cycle which is a totally normal weather blog. I’ll get around to Fernanda as well but since those systems never affected or will effect us I just haven’t covered them.

I PROMISE, SHOULD I start to worry about this weekend (if I wake in the middle of the night and see an update I WILL wait until I’ve had coffee IJS) I will spread it far and wide. I just like to think most are always ready to “go” … Gosh this is so rushed.

There just is nothing I will literally put my name to for this system that has not actually formed yet. That being said, why the BLEEP after 20+ years am I seeing ANTS, on my … CEILING? W … T…. F….. ?

Please visit the NHC for up-to-date info as I’m sure they are not distracted by “someone” watching Maverick (not me) https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac but Ill be super more informative when the NHC has an idea of what might actually happen next weekend and I can hear my own thoughts. (face palm = surround sound … I just … don’t know yet. My usual “tell” of headaches haven’t presented yet” )


Just Jenn

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