Brief Post Hurricane Hilary Personal Update

I truly intended to follow up with a “live” blog during the weather we received from Hurricane Hilary as it passed well offshore of us in Cabo San Lucas. I’ve never been a fan of the NE quadrant (aka but some as the dirty side) of a hurricane and even as far as Hilary was from us, I did anticipate more action than what we actually went through. I’ll keep it short, then add a few links to show other areas up Baja and maybe north of the border unless this gets too long (it got too long).

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Without going into too much detail, my home suffered catastrophic vibrational damage from a construction site and we’ve been dealing with it for years (a story for another day) so a little rain is a big deal for us. Just in my master bedroom alone, I had 17 buckets and storage containers to collect the deluge. Then my cat that already has a chin boo-boo, (he was adopted with some issues) got up with me when the power went out and face-planted right on his chin. My poor baby. He will be okay! Worrying over my kitty just exhausted me hence the delay. My apologies.

I took this screen capture from my personal weather station (I’m waiting to finally become part of NOAA’s official network!)

My highest gust recorded as shown, was 74.4mph, and the total recorded rainfall from Hilary’s outerbands was 1.11″. Did we get more? Of course, we did, but sideways rain makes it difficult to record.

I never did make it into town but I did take this mini recording many in my socials have already seen showing those rollers (dangerously high surf I warned everyone about) from my deck.

The view is part of the Cabo San Lucas Marina and the Cabo Bay looking towards what we call Whales’ Head

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So that’s pretty much it. I’m thankful prayers were answered that my cat did not need the 911 vet visit I thought he did, my home is still standing, and the lack of info on downtown Cabo San Lucas from socials that all is okay “here”. Of course, there was horrid flooding in many areas due to geography/building/etc and years of drought but these next few Tweet’s, or are the X’s now? Ugh. Real-time info is still king on that platform unless you are in a private chat group on FB. If you have a Twiiter/X account there are MANY vids available to take a look at specific areas and these are just a few. Note: Many areas regardless of devastation, clean up super fast. Some need more time.


Cabo San Lucas is already back in business, other areas of course have been devasted. I personally still need more time to process it all, but as I had mentioned in another blog update, this is not the first time a storm impacted the USA’s Pacific coast and western states. If you scroll through till the end of this blog post I added several links showing many storms over the last century that have in some way not directly caused damage to CA and I know AZ friends tell me they are sorry when we get storms but hope they make their way to them for monsoons.

I know this is super short but wanted to at least check in! I will be keeping those that have been greatly affected in my thoughts and prayers.


Just Jenn

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