Taco Tuesday is every day/ Weather Update / Hurricane Season Stats 2023

While we have all of the ingredients to make tacos (hurricanes), thankfully, Major Hurricane Jova is not a threat to us in Baja Sur. Not directly at least YAY!

Now let us take a look at how the season has progressed so far. Depending on who you ask, we are looking at anywhere from 16-22 named storms. 9-11 named storms from Tropical Depressions to Tropical Storms, 4-6 Hurricanes category 1-2, and 3-5 Major Hurricanes category 3 or higher. One of my most popular blogs to date on a global level that talks about wind speeds and storm categories can be found at this link. ⬇️ https://livecaboradio.blog/2019/01/04/beaufort-scale-on-wind-speeds/

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Let’s back up a second. 16-22 named storms in the seeing eye glass for El Niño 2023. There are 11 storms to date for the East Pacific Ocean for the 2023 hurricane season, 10 of which have been given names. 1 un-named Tropical Depression, 3 named tropical storms of out the 9-11 predicted, 2 hurricanes cat 1 to 2 out of the 4 to 6 in the pre-season forecast, and Major Hurricane Jova that has no impact to land has us at our 5th major hurricane of the season when the forecasts called for 3-5 major hurricanes.

Wow. Now, I know 16-22 named storms is a big spread. I’m JUST saying, the East Pacific Ocean is up to 10 named systems. We literally just began September and have an an open window for travel. Just an FYI. It’s a yin and yang thing, as the Atlantic has more potential action currently.

Thankfully, Los Cabos Baja California Sur while it does have the ingredients to make tacos, we are not under hurricane warning because the winds are in our favor. And the only Taco Warning to be issued isn’t by the National Hurricane Center but by me because. … I made tacos for dinner. 🤷‍♀️ The graphic above is not fully accurate as I went soft shell warmed over a burner on my stove vs hard shell. Yummy!

Out of boredom, let us do the math again:

Total forecast of 12-22 named storms depending on the agency. we are a 10.

9-11 Tropical Storms, we are at 3.

4-6 of those named storms were forecast to become a hurricane and we are at 2.

3-5 Major Hurricanes and we as in the East Pacific Ocean region, are at 5. Can we just max out now on major hurricanes even if they are all going and staying out at sea? That’d be great. The season doesn’t end until the end of November and it’s our first El Niño after several years of being La Niña and experiencing drought conditions.

I need to finish taco #2 as they were both fully loaded tacos and I’m kinda full. Don’t judge, every day in Cabo San Lucas is Taco Tuesday. After all, fish tacos are one of the few “dishes” that is considered truly regional. I of course went with ground beef hence the loaded tacos reference as it has all of the texmex toppings I was craving. 🤷‍♀️

So to end this update, we have an open window according to the National Hurricane Center for the next 7 days as of this exact … “moment”. Random short periods of unexpected rain may occur. Sitting under a palapa drinking an icy cold adult beverage is for this time of the year, a fab backup plan when you are not locked into to a really fun excursion. CHEERS!


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