VIP Must-Have Travel Accessories Part 1

As a 20+ year resident in Cabo San Lucas, I can tell you from personal experience with spendy high-tech technology today, is to bring your own travel-sized surge protector.

I opted not to use a cover pic because everything seemed to be brand specific and as much as I want you to follow my advice if you do, you need to pick something right for YOUR needs.

Our region has more growth than the electric company can supply, and we do experience blackouts and brown-outs on a regular basis. I strongly, suggest that you bring your own surge protector whether you are staying in a resort, or a privately rented villa.

I can attest from personal experience that even when surge protectors are provided, they do not always work as it is suggested that they are replaced once a year. It is NEVER a bad investment to bring your own that isn’t under daily use!

Travel Surge Protector

I replace all of my surge protectors both for work and home and battery back-up for CPU etc. annually. Why suggest a travel-sized one? Because they can be a lifesaver! Many are pocket/purse-sized and many come with insurance that if your device gets fried, they will cover your losses (always backing up your devices to an external off-line drive is also solid advice even if you are not traveling).

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Part 2 coming up! But first, Live Cabo Radio plays music from the 60’s to the 80’s with a little current mixed in.

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