VIP Travel Essentials Part 2

Not long ago, I posted a meme in a blog that will remind anyone of how frustrating it can be to look up a recipe on the internet and find a lengthy story we can all relate to, so I will try to keep this brief before moving on to the personal items part as this is a follow-up to this blog entry

The rare times I’ve been “home” in the last few years, which could be visiting just about anyone I know, is that there is a fab trend with fam and friends that they all have a guest room and bath with anything you could want, is that I (unless I am visiting someone in a teeny tiny 1-bed place and have to book a room nearby) is that I can truly expect (not “expect” but more anticipate with great appreciation ❤️❤️❤️ them to have all of the personal items I could ever want at hand.  I love my peeps and fam! They make visiting home feel like a mini luxury vacation with so much love in the little details to make us comfy. ❤️

However, even if I do not end up using the items for maybe the next guest as a thank you to my host/hostess, I send things to be delivered in advance of my arrival.  I always bring my own soap as an artisan soap maker and bring extra to leave for my loving hosts. 🤷‍♀️  I do not always use the items I send in advance to my stay back “home”, but I feel fab in that I added to the collection of what my wonderful peeps had on hand not just for me but for future guests, and this is as far as I will go into being “too personal”.

There are MANY wonderful luxurious skincare travel sets on the market … and by the way, your skin totally deserves luxury skincare especially when you are on vacation.  You deserve the pampering. See the link below for “can be delivered to you at the click of a button” for so many travel kits that will be TSA-approved and that your skin will love. (subject to skin type … obv) 

Luxury Travel Skincare Sets

Hair care and skin care travel kits take up little space, which is an added bonus! I know many people who also pick up a few things as an extra thank you in addition to tipping for resort housekeeping when they come to Cabo San Lucas for their vacation. Just a thought …

Travel Skincare Sets

So whilst browsing the net for items to keep your electronics safe, and fantastic kits for your personal skin care needs, you may also want to “add to cart” clear personal items travel bags.  There is a story there …

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