Tropical Storm Lidia + 2023 Seasonal Stats + Current Weather

Current weather in Cabo San Lucas = light rain. I’ll get back to this in a bit! After a pretty quiet September, I know everyone will want to jump straight to Tropical Storm Lidia that might become a Cat 1 Hurricane and if and how she might affect us, but first a quick summary of the East Pacific Hurricane Season #’s to date which will include Lidia as the Tropical Storm she currently is.

Now let us take a look at how the season has progressed so far! Depending on who you ask, we were given a forecast to expect anywhere from 16-22 named storms. 9-11 named storms from Tropical Depressions to Tropical Storms, 4-6 Hurricanes category 1-2, and 3-5 Major Hurricanes category 3 or higher. One of my most popular blogs to date on a global level that talks about wind speeds and storm categories can be found at this link. ⬇️

Let’s back up a second. 16-22 named storms in the seeing eye glass for El Niño 2023. There have been 15 storms to date including Lidia for the East Pacific Ocean for the 2023 hurricane season. 12 of these sytems have been given names. 3 un-named Tropical Depressions, 5 named tropical storms of out the 9-11 predicted (this includes Lidia), 2 hurricanes cat 1 to 2 out of the 4 to 6 in the pre-season forecast, and Major Hurricane Jova that has no impact to land has us at our 5th major hurricane of the season when the forecasts called for 3-5 major hurricanes.


I’d like to remind everyone to always refer to your local weather stations etc. for official information on extreme weather but since most of my subscribers are in the USA/Canada or have English as their first language, I always use the NHC.

Tropical Storm Lidia is about 485 miles SSW of the Cabo San Lucas moving at 5 mph WNW and is expected to remain well offshore, she is expected to make a turn more towards the north so we anticipate some rain over the next few days.

⚠️ While there are currently (and hopefully will not be) no coastal warnings or watches in effect for Los Cabos, we should start experiencing potentially dangerous life threatening swells along the beaches, but more-so as Lidia gets closer. 🛑

Many are wondering just how much rain we might see over the next few days. That is a valid concern especially if we get any decent about all at once for those that need to cross the El Squid intersection in either direction in downtown Cabo San Lucas, and those that live near arroyos or unpaved streets.

As I am typing this, there have been light rains that haven’t been enough to register on my personal weather station, but between all of the major weather models, we are potentially looking at 1 to almost 3 inches of rain between today and Tuesday. This can and will change and rain rates will very all across the region, so you will want to check you most trusted website or app though they will all be a little bit wrong if not a lot a bit wrong.

Since so many use Windy these days whilst others can’t stand it, I will probably use it a bit more often since my personal weather station is one of the only 3 MADIS approved station in Cabo San Lucas. That brought me to make a quick vid showing the 3 different forecast models for this system though they will change in about 3 hours from publishing.

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In conclusion, we really will not know what is going to happen with this system. At the moment, our current worry is how close Lidia gets and how much rain she could potentially bring. I will update again as need.

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