Tropical Storm Norma – 1st Update

EDITED: WOW so many typos! Tropical Storm Norma formed earlier today as the 14th named storm of the 2023 East Pacific Hurricane Season. We are NOT currently under any watches or warnings at this time.

Norma has max sustained winds of 40mph with a WNW heading at 10mph, and is plus or minus 690 miles SSE of Cabo San Lucas.

Since we ARE in the long-term forecast, please remember that the 5-day is not set in stone. At any point in time, having a 50-mile margin of error for EACH update we get, Norma can end up to the left, to the right, or (in a calm voice) head towards us.

When looking at the different computer models, and mind you I know better than to mock a storm, ⛈️ I have the song clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right … here I am stuck in the middle with you, stuck in my head. Radio station = song lyrics often pop in my head even when not appropriate 🤷‍♀️ The European model shows Norma heading super duper west, then swinging back towards us with almost no winds (as of today). At the same time, the GFS (as I type this) shows a near miss to landfall East of Cabo San Lucas as a Cat 2 as far as air pressure goes.


Rain amounts also vary greatly. So please don’t be alarmed, just pay attention to this system just in case. I will probably have more to say tomorrow!

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xoxo, Just Jenn

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