Norma Becomes a Cat 1

Sometime this afternoon whilst I was minor shopping with horrid traffic and even worse WiFi, Norma became a Category Hurricane 1 on the Saffir Simpson Scale. Norma is currently 520 SSE of Cabo San Lucas with max sustained winds of 80mph heading North at 8pm.

NOTE: I HAVE NOT CHECKED FOR TYPOS … SORRY email subscribers! I do sometimes catch one or two or 10 oopsies after you get them, as most of you know, because I’m allowed to get some typos in when noone even the pro’s can 100% predict the weather xoxo NOAA … love that my personal weather station is officially part of the network IJS

We are encouraged by the National Hurricane Center to pay close attention to Norma for obvious reasons as we are in the cone of concern that DOES have a margin of error of 50 miles in either direction, which is much more accurate for the short-term forecast. The 4-5 day forecast is much more iffy.


The various computer models do not agree on Norma’s path. See below for an example.

This is precisly why I personally do not commit to solid opinions when people ask if they should cancel their trips etc etc etc. I know many people flying in this weekend regardless of the forecast. That is their choice, and they are all walking distance to anything they could possibly need no matter that this weekend brings. A storms forecast can and will change often from position, wind speeds, rain fall as well as … and this is important … WHERE the storm will make landfall IF it makes landfall.

Regardless, even IF I didn’t have the feels for a landfall, I have done my storm shopping early (not a fan of long lines). Better to be safe than sorry. I am not in a resort, and if I need something, and we get any amount of rain all at once, shopping can be more than an off-road experience.

The NHC updates every 6 hours until official warnings and watches come into effect for possible landfall to urge people to ready themsleves which doesn’t happen until about 2-3 days before a storm might hit or sideswipe us, in which case they will update every 3 hours.

I’m a tad tired and haven’t even looked at rainfall amounts … it’s just too soon to really put anything in writing even if the professionals are doing it … it’ll change one way or the other. I hope I’m sounding as perky as my brain is feeeeeling at the moment …

Mucho mas manana!

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