Norma Becomes 7th Major Hurricane of the Season

8AM EDIT: Norma is now a category 4 hurricane with max sustained winds of 130mph 410 miles SSE of Cabo San Lucas moving north at 7mph. Not much else has changed in the forecast. END EDIT (if you are just seeing this, please scroll down for more info)

Major Hurricane Norma rapidly intensified while we are supposed to be sleeping 😴 from a Category 1 Hurricane into a Category 3 hurricane with max sustained winds of 120mph with gusts up to 150mph moving North at 6mph.

A HURRICANE WATCH HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR SOUTHERN BAJA, even though the graphic hasn’t been colored in with crayons yet … from Todos Santos to Los Barriles. This means hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours.

Please remember that the cone of concern has a wide margin of error in the forecast which means, that Norma could end up anywhere inside the cone of concern in any direction.

Potential rainfall from Hurricane Norma could range from 5-10 inches in isolated areas which can cause devastating flooding, and some areas MIGHT see up to 15 inches of rain. Though the apps are rarely correct, please keep checking for latest updates.

Norma is expected to strengthen a little more possibly to a cat 4, how much more is anyone guess, however, Norma is also expected to weaken significantly by Friday. A lot can change with this system either way. Hurricane-force winds currently extend 25 miles from the center, and tropical storm-force winds up to 150 miles from the center.

Regardless of how strong Norma is or isn’t when and if she still approaches, or how little or much rain we will get, life-threatening surf and rip currents are anticipated so please take caution over the next few days along the beaches, especially over the weekend.

From this point forward, the NHC will issue updates every 3 hours.

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Now I have to try and go back to sleep. 😑

PLEASE keep in mind not all computer models agree with the above forecast. However, we all need to pay attention to Norma especially should the government of Mexico issue a Hurricane Warning. I hate when storms slow down over warmer waters … hopefully, the pro’s are correct that she will pick up speed and move along or have the path wrong. We need the rain, but not this much.

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